Monday, July 02, 2007

Savage Changes

So I've gotten some information about rules tweaks to the next Savage Worlds edition (the previously mentioned Cheap edition.) Just though I'd preview them here for discussion, for no real important reason. :)

1) Not really a change, but a clarification. I knew about this one a while back, but decided not to change in the middle of FF. When a wild card is hit and he is already shaken, here is how it is supposed to happen: If the attacker does say, one wound, the WC takes ONE wound and stays shaken. If the attack JUST shakes the WC, then he takes a wound and is shaken. I think they way we do it (and trust me, the way it was worded in the book, a lot of others do it that way too) is more consistent and easier to understand. It is a little less deadly, but that cuts both ways. Not sure where I am about this "change."

2) The big change: The change to the current rules when you are incapacitated. The SW guys feel that the current rule is too confusing for a lot of folks. So now what will happen is that when you get INC, you will make a vigor roll (i presume modified by wounds and such) and that will tell you what happens to you. One advantage that they mentioned, is that it's now possible to take a temporary impairment but remain up. I guess it sounds ok. I know Brad never liked that it wasn't possible to knock a guy out from standing, because that would require a level 4 knockout blow, which is pretty deadly.

3) They are putting in a new set of chase rules. I'll have to reserve most of the judgment until I see them. Again they state it's a big point of confusion among new players. I feel the current rules are ok, but they seem to simulate airplane dogfights better than car chases.

4) Here's another biggie: Bennies no longer turn into XP. Now, we haven't really had a problem with this, but MANY Gm's have made this a house rule before. I'll lay out the reasoning: The current system rewards you for sitting back and hoarding your bennies. If say Matt uses up his bennies sailing the ship very well, he get's less XP. Also, with a set # of XP, it's easier for the GM to control the character growth speed. I suspect this to be the most controversial change. I'm leaning toward this one.

So, let's hear the opinions!