Thursday, May 24, 2007

Villian Edges

Just a couple of villainous edges I'll probably be using. In the interest of full disclosure.

A henchmen is an extra who rolls a wild die on trait tests. He is treated as an extra in all other respects.

Any extra within 1" of the villain becomes fanatical, sacrificing his life so his master can live. Any attack made against the villain is instead made against one of the extras of the GM's choice, as he leaps in the way of the blow.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Need a tester

Howdy. I need someone who brings a laptop with them to the game to be adventurous and try out a map program with me. All you gotta do is download and install the tool, then I want to test out how easy it is to connect with each other.

You want the map tool found at RPTools.

I was already able to make a bunch of 50 fathoms tokens for it.

Follow up: Nigel was able to download it, and connect to me with it in less than 15 minutes. It worked great. I really think this tool has promise.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I just picked up PEG new Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG. A lot of cool stuff, some of which would be neat for 50 fathoms due to the obvious connection. Don't know if we want to go so crazy as to use their tabletop ship rules with ship mini's just yet, but who knows. Anyway here's a sample of some cool stuff.


Gifted Leader:
Requirements: Veteran, Command
Extras making a group rolls while under this leaders command roll a d8 wild die instead of d6.

Requirements: Veteran, Wild Card
Heroes can pull of stunts lesser men can only dream of. Once per session, when you spend a benny, you may add the reroll TOTAL to your previous roll.

Just a little taste.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Savage Worlds Rules

Hello my fine players. Just wanted to start a little discussion on a rules module that is in Deadlands Savage Worlds. The word on the discussion boards is that this rule will become "official" in future printings of SW, as the "+1d6 for a raise" rule did. They are already using it in all future settings they are working on. Hopefully you all didn't groan inside too much from that news. So here is the lowdown:

To start, forget what you know about melee damage. Instead of using Strength plus a number, we pre-calculate the damage of melee weapons as die types.

Weapon Damage Die
Fist -
Dagger d4
Short Sword d6
Long Sword d8
Great Sword d10

A weapon at Str+5 becomes d12. Str+6 becomes D12+1 and so on. When you strike a foe in melee, you roll your strength die and your weapons die and add them together. (much like ranged weapons, except the dice might not match) Both dice can Ace, just like ranged weapons. You can't spend bennies to reroll, because it's not longer a trait roll.
Example: Two feathers has a strength of D10 and wields a war club (+d6.) He lands a blow on a walking dead and rolls a d10 and a d6. He rerolls any aces as usual and adds the dice together to get a damage total.
Bonus damage is not affected. If you hit with a raise, you still add a d6 to your total damage.
Strength Restrictions
There are some restrictions on strength and weapons. Your weapon die cannot be higher than your damage die. So if your strength is d4, you would roll 2d4, not d4+d10. Also, if you are too weak to use a weapon you lose any special benefits the weapon might have (armor piercing, parry bonus.) The old rules for minimum strength are no longer used.
Unarmed fighters just roll their strength die. There's a new "full defense" maneuver that you can use to roll your fighting and replace your parry with the total.

Ok so why change to this? Several reasons. First of all, it makes the damage rules more uniform. I also believe that extras are really lame with hand to hand damage. An extra with a gun might do 2d6 damage, where armed with a sword rolls a a single d6 and adds 2. This way they will also roll 2d6, which at least makes them viable. Now you may be thinking "it's great for use that extras suck at hand to hand Tim, because we fight a lot of them." True, but I have to make the battles interesting. Right now I can only do that two ways. Use a lot of guns, which works sometimes, or add in a lot more enemies. Adding in more enemies just makes the battle take longer, I'd rather just have the extras have a chance to hurt you some. You guys fought hoards of probably some of the nastiest extras in the game and they could hardly touch most of you. (I know Delphino got hurt, but he's not supposed to be in melee too much.) Also don't forget, your allies will get a little cooler too. I'll still use the damage cap in 50 fathoms to minimize the chance of Joe Schmoe Pirate taking your head off with one shot.

Ok let me hear you guys. Questions? Praise? Complaints? Speculation?