Thursday, September 30, 2004

Goals, methods, and personnel

Well, I will start with my last point first, actually. It was suggested that we hire some Marines to man our ship. I don't have a problem with this per se, it just begs a few questions. The problem, of course, is that our command staff is going to be equal in size to the crew even if we hire on a full complement. We have six "officers" and two (three?) crew right now, we can hire four more crew maximum (or three if we keep the new mage).

Should we hire all 4 as Marines? I'm not sure if marines cost more to hire than regular sailors, or if they are harder to find. Baltimus makes it a certainty we can hire enough crew to fill our empty slots, but what kind of crew may be hazier. If I had my druthers I would hire a Grael sailor as a stevedore (no more worries about transferring cargo!), which would also give us a good fighter and harpooner in case we meet with something large and hungry.

If marines are about the same cost as a sailor, and have the same skill in boating, there's no reason to not hire them. Presuming we find a grael to hire on as a stevedore, we have three crew slots left. Perhaps we can find a half-ugak looking for work...after fighting Red Men in the Savage Lands I have great respect for their hand to hand abilities, and one would make a fine boarding repellant. As for the rest, I'd suggest leaning towards Masaquani from the old Ograpog nation...that way they would be likely to share our minor goal of bringing down the Keiran Emperor (should this come out in the course of things). Although, if by some bizarre chance of fate we have the opportunity to hire an Atani who knows how to sail, I say we take it. I still feel that a flyer could give us certain advantages in some situations. However, I doubt we'd chance upon one.

Now, on to Goals. What are we trying to do? Stop the flooding is an obvious one. All the money and trade goods in the world won't matter when the whole world is under water (CLEARLY the Kehana are in on this with the Sea Hags...they are the only race besides the Kraken who have nothing to fear from a drowned world, and the Kraken have proven they are against the Hags). Delphino and I would like to defeat the Hags, ultimately. To this end, I think we may need to go back to the Savage Lands. If it is true that the Hags are witches who use the same dark magic as the Red Men, we may be able to learn a weakness or counter to them from the likes of the shaman we killed.

Which leads to Methods. How do we do this? An expedition to the savage lands will be very dangerous, and will require a large, well-armed, and well-provisioned force more than likely. So we need lots of money and a bigger ship. Which I hope is what we are trying to do right now. Trading and privateering are excellent ways to achieve what we want...we can build up cash, reputations, and buy or commandeer a much bigger boat eventually (well, perhaps we will have to do that in steps). Also, a larger and sturdier boat is apparently needed to navigate the Teeth if we are going to go find this Tressa the Red. So I think we have made a good start of things.

Here's my outline, feel free to add, subtract, or append:

1) Trade up to a bigger boat as soon as possible.
2) Build up cash reserves, trading and privateering as we travel in pursuit of any secondary missions we may take on.
3) Build up contacts in various ports and help the rebels in Kiera, which will hopefully give us extra resources and even a recruitment pool later on.
4) Trade up to a bigger boat again/Find this Tressa if we determine (s)he can help us stop the flooding.
5) Pursue L'Ollonaise? If the sword really can help...
6) BIGGER BOAT, MORE CREW/HIRELINGS: Become a force to be reckoned with.
7) Go to the Savage Lands, capture some shamen, and learn their secrets.
8) Inform the remaining Kraken, and kick the Sea Hags lousy asses!
9) Round up all the Kehana and stake them down in the hot sun for a few weeks.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Things uncovered

Edmund looked at Delphino with an exasperated sigh. "Not again, he thought." The Keiran Empire was certainly not a gracious host. The city watch mocked them as they dropped in coins for the "gate tax." Still, they'd manage to uncover some interesting facts, despite the less than warm reception. Delphino chewed on a tentacle nervously, wishing that he was free to show these barbarians the full might of a Kraken mage, but the mission was too important to risk for personal satisfaction...

Things uncovered by Delphino and Edmund while researching in the Empire:

  • The horrible beings known as Octopons that both Edmund and Delphino encountered in the Flotsam Sea appear in no records before the deluge-they aren't mentioned in Kraken tales either.
  • Tressa the Red is a famed arch-mage. She retired to The Teeth shortly after the hags came, in order to research the situation on Caribdus. The Teeth can only be reached by navigating The Gullet, a treacherous waterway leading to the teeth. Tales indicate a ship that can withstand punishment and a skilled captain and crew are needed to survive it. A little magic wouldn't hurt either.
  • The magical fortress Tressa took over has 4 tests that need to be passed to gain entrance. Each test is associated with 1 of the 4 elements. No further information on the tests could be found.
  • King Amemnus possessed a sword rumored to be useful against the Hags. It was recovered by an expedition funded by Byron Baltimus, but the fleet that carried it was attacked and sacked by the famous pirate L'Ollonaise. It is presumed in his possession.
If you have any other specific questions, post them, and I'll let you know if you found anything about them.

Your friendly GM.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Fireborn-A Shawnlike game?

Shawn: I've been reading about this new RPG from Fantasy Flight games. They have a copy out at Hobby Corner. I think you should check it out. It looked really cool to me, but not my style of game to run. While reading it, it struck me as the kind of game that you would do well. It's a modern magic type game with a neat twist. You should stop by there and check it out if you get some free time.

Obviously, there's no rush for you to pick up a new game to run, but still. :)

Friday, September 24, 2004

Boze's Tale

Feyd was a young man when he married, but she was his
childhood sweetheart, so it came as no surprise to
anyone in his tribe when the took the oath to each
other under the statue of Porpoise, the village patron
spirit. He was a playful, mischievous spirit but also
a protective and moral spirit, who Feyd always tried
to honor by never taking himself or anything else too
seriously. Feyd was himself a happy, friendly person
who could always be counted on to help a neighbor
repair his hut after a storm or hunt a little extra
for a sick relative.
Mara, his wife, bore him twin sons not so long after
they were married. Their whole lives were ahead of
them. Until the rains came.
When the village began to flood, the people fled to
higher ground, taking what they could. Feyd, true to
his nature, went back several times to help those who
were older or less able to make the trek as easily. He
and his younger brother Daan carried their parent'’s
and sister's belongings, forgoing most of their own.
Soon, their village was joined by people of many
other villages who also sought out the high ground. At
first it was almost like a big festival or reunion,
everyone pitching in to help. They figured eventually,
the rain would stop and the flood would recede, and
they could return to their own villages.
But it didn'’t. When the entire population was
standing in water up to their knees, it became clear
that they were doomed if they stayed where they were.
The village elders conferred, and the choice was made:
swim for it. Of course, the only place they had a
chance in heck of making it was the Kehana flumes, but
what choice was there? Surely their old enemy would
take pity on them. Porpoise would protect them.
Of course, the old and infirm did not make the whole
trip, for the most part. Feyd's parents eventually
tired and drowned. Feyd wept, but he had to get his
wife and children to safety. Daan helped their
sisters along while Feyd carried one son, Val, and
Mara the other, Joon. Their youth and drive allowed
them to make it.
When they reached the Kehana, the fish men were
delighted to see them. The Doreen were too exhausted
to recognize the danger, the greedy glint in their
eyes, as more and more of them came to "“greet" the
refugees. Then, when the Doreen were outnumbered and
surrounded, the Kehana fell upon them.
Feyd watched his brother torn apart as Daan tried to
defend his sisters from the onslaught. He killed tow
of them before he and the girls were slaughtered. Feyd
went berserk and cut his way through the Kehana, madly
trying to find a way out for his family. Bur Mara and
Joon were seized, and Feyd froze. He watched as his
beloved son, Joon was devoured alive by the evil fish
men. Mara threw herself at the laughing Kehana and
fell from slashing, clawed hands.
Feyd wanted to go mad, but he had to get his
remaining son out of there. So he swan like he never
had before, using everything he had left in him. A few
Kehana pursued, but turned back when they decided
easier prey was still available. Feyd got away.
But he and Val were still far from anything
resembling safety. In fact, Feyd would have drowned
from exhaustion if they hadn't come upon a mass of
flotsam in the sea. He found a large section of
planking and placed his son on it, and clung to it for
Days went by. He felt he was dying. He was too tired
and wounded to do anything but hold on. He became
delirious, and so it's very hard for him to pinpoint
the moment his son died. He didn't realize it until
after he was picked from the water and nursed back to
health. When they told him, he went silent for 3 days.
Then he decided before he died, he would take every
possible Kehana he could find to grave as well. He
vowed they would all pay for what they'’d done.
The vessel that picked him up was a small Kraken
scout piloted by Delphino. The Kraken told him about
what happened, and about he Sea Hags responsible.
Grateful for the rescue, he decided that the Sea Hags
were equal criminals in the destruction of his race;
Feyd pledged himself to Delphino's service and swore
he would follow him on his quest to find a way to
defeat the Hags.
In the years since, they have explored many rumors,
sunken ruins, dead ends, and even a few leads. The
stories of the Maiden seem promising, so they have
tried to get any info they can about her from
Visitors. Delphino'’s magic has made it very easy for
them to gain passage on any ships to get wherever they
feel they should go next, and Feyd'’s (though he never
uses his name) cold, bitter, jaded nature has made him
a natural for enforcing crew discipline, as he never
gets close enough to anyone to play favorites.
Although Kehana crew are singled out for punishment
more often and more brutally than any other
crewmen...and oddly, a few have disappeared on the

Thursday, September 23, 2004

A night in the the Kieran Empire

So, just in case we didn't get the fear of the Empire put into us, poor Edward had to pay for his impudence of walking around the city with a book. Although they normally ignore Kraken, they were deciding that it was a good idea to poke at me too.
I don't feel very bad for having run the arms to the rebels anymore. I don't think I did last time, but now I really don't.

I also think that we could have been in bigger trouble if we had not been careful about the Sloop this evening.... could have been worse.

I also have to be more careful with my magic points. Perhaps only charging the shot of the cannons when we are more sure to hit.


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Welcome and comments

First of all, Welcome to anyone who decided to join up.

As the GM I had a couple of hopes for the first "adventure" you guys went on. (talking about after you left the Savage Land). I was first hoping to let you set your "moral compass." I wanted it to be done quickly, under the theory that a hasty decision with out much time to think would give your gut reaction. You could have just taken your money and sailed away if you wanted to. I was pleased that you decided to help the rebels, even though it might not be in your (short-term) interest. Secondly, I wanted to give you a respect for the Keiran armed forces. They were heavily armed and well trained and they gave you a run for your money as I thought they would. Thankfully, you had perserverence and teamwork which allowed you to overcome them.