Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Using Your Resources

I think you guys would benifit from posting the outlines you've made of the fairy tale, along with your assumptions about what maps to what. You could use this forum to check one another's thoughts, and find false assumptions.

The Ultimate Showdown!

...of Ultimate Destiny!

Only one will survive! Go here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/285267

and click "watch this movie"

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

For the Stressed-out Gamer


Monday, September 11, 2006

Supper at Gaming this Friday

Susan's TV group is going to be meeting this Friday at the same time we are (they will be in the abittoir with the door closed, and have promised not to bother us). But the thing is, they always have dinner as part of their routine, between 5 and 5:30 but set up so that those who come late can still partake. This time it is a sandwich bar, if any of you are interested. Susan and I will provide some sliced turkey and some sliced salami plus two loaves of bread ( probably a multi grain and a pumpernickel), some cheddar cheese and such mustards, mayos and such as we have on hand. Anyone that wants to kick in additional sandwich fixings or side dishes is welcome to, but not required. (Stock for the magic fridge is also an option for anyone who feels the need to bring something).

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well well well

Turns out I had the diary last night after all.

I blame my dice luck for my failed Search roll.

(I even had the thing at the front of my folder so I wouldn't miss it. Impressive!)

Not a Precedent

I looked into the answer to your question about why you were a Wyrm, Shawn. As it happens, the code was fairy transparent in this case. The way the program works, it takes the list of monsters, which are in order of power rating, and truncates it based on A) how much emphasis your cards put into power rating as opposed to level and stats, and B) your dice luck. Dice luck is by far the more important criterion. Then it takes the truncated list and lets your cards vote on which monster you should play.

So your dice luck alone got you to power rating 10, which is the rating of the Wyrm. By contrast, Matt's dice luck gave him a power rating of zero, which his cards boosted at least to 2 thru their contribution, since his Warlock was a power rating 2.

As far as the vote that led to Wyrm, the "More Powerful than the DM realizes" card had little to do with it. His first three preferences, in order, were Centaur, Ghost, and Vampire.

Your "Gnome MU" card was looking for magical types, obviously.

Your other four cards, "Dwarven Fighter", "Berzerker", "Not a Mu", and "Disdainful Outsider" all ranked a constellation of primitive but tough monsters first, of which Wyrm was the second most powerful. If you had had a slightly higher power rating, you would have been playing a Shoggoth.

So there's a little insight into how you got to be a Wyrm.