Friday, November 05, 2004

The d6 question

After the zombie adventure, I'm convinced I like the "extra D6" for a raise damage rule. It's fast and quick, and leaves us with basicaly one roll where you have to count multiple raises. What does everyone else think? I don't think I'll change it in the middle of a game unless everyone else agrees to it, but I'm going to use it in the future.


Womachka said...

You are the GM & I will respect any decision you make in the game. However I do have some concerns about the effects of this rule change. My thought was that the mook system is trying to pull off the same effect as the mook rules in 7th Sea. Where it is easy to mow over the Joe Schmo Pirates for the cinematic effect. I am not seeing this working as they though it would. Too often the Mooks explode on dice rolls. Giving them yet another die to potentally explode on is going to cause Dead or permanent injury to PC's. Now I realize I get that same potential as well. If we could fix the system so that tne math came out right I would feel comfortable with the rule change. I understand the need to make things easier on the GM. However from a player perspective. Matt paid good XP to get his fighting up where it was & given his dice luck is bad. However I should not have been schooling him as bad as I have esp when I was at D4 fighting. I was wondering if exploding is where the math could be fixed. How would the math work if yo capped the exploding say you get an additional -1 on your exploding until you run out. For example your roll of d4 explodes your next roll is a max of 3 next a max of 2 nest a max of 1 then out or you keep adding 1 until you stop exploding. That way the better you are the more effective your exploding is & the longer it will last. The wild die will alway give you the possibility of +21 where d4 will cap you at +10 The easier solution to this problem would be that only the wild die explodes. That way everyone has the exact same chance of exploding.

Boze said...

Oh my. So much math! I think for the sake of simplicity we should avoid formulae or things that make us remember a lot of numbers. I am coming around to Tim's suggestion of just going with the extra d6 of's easy, and it's fairly rare one gets more than one raise on a to hit roll anyway.

I did have one other idea, however. Instead of the plain ol d6, how about if you get to roll a die of equal size to your skill in fighting, shooting, or throwing, whichever you used. That way, the raise truly represents your skill with the used your incredible skill with swords to inflict a deadly wound, for instance.

If that seems too easy, you could make it an edge you can buy to do this...maybe one for each skill? I duno. Just thoughts.

Locnar said...

I think what everyone forgets is that there is so much more you can do with a higher skill than simply get more raises for damage. You can make called shots to get around armor, make called shots to vital areas, etc. Not to mention that your parry goes up. Also, you get access to better edges as your skill goes up. You are NOT better off with a skill of D4. You just aren't. If you feel that you are, feel free to keep it there. :)

Womachka said...

Perhaps it's the fact that I am using more of these tricks that gives me the edge in combat that I am not seeing in others. when I created my character I had a number of things I wanted to have more of a bard like character. Skilled in a little bit of everything yet master at none. What really has given me an edge in combat is my use of feats to soften my opponents. it seems to have paid off even more than the dice luck has. The feat system is something I really like about this game it add nore depth then I swing my sword at my opponent. Now I can knock my opponent off balance pull his cap over his eyes do a leg sweep to knock him down. Then thrust my sword into him.