Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Character Questions

Here's a chance to earn some XP! A simple reward for those who are willing to think about their character. (and also a reward for those who actually read the Blog)
Answer these questions in Character. 1 xp for a good response, 2 for and excellent response.

What is your goal in life?

We think Caribdus is still drowning. How does that make you feel?

How do you amuse yourself during long boring sea voyages?

What's the first thing you want to do when you hit port?

How did you get along with your parents (if you had them!)?

Which of your companions do you like/respect the most? Why?

Which of your companions do you not like/understand? Why?

Also, could those of you who have your Character Sheets bring them to the game? I want to enter them into my new fancy computer program. Thanks.


Locnar said...

BTW, I should have said that you can go ahead and just post the answers here in the comments section.

Boze said...

My goal in life, if I am honest with myself, is revenge. My hatred for the Kehana consumes me. I want them all dead. Nobody really actually understands that. I want to take out as many Kehana as humanly possible before I die. And I refuse to die until I know I can't kill any more of them.

Caribdus is drowning. I try to tell myself I want to stop it so maybe my people will have a chance, but I don't really believe it. I just don't want the kehana to win. If the planet drowns, they suffer nothing. They actually benefit. I'd rather see Caribdus turned to desert than let them survive this while everyone else drowns. The real deep underlaying truth is, if I could eliminate the Kehana as a species...Caribdus can go to hell.

During the long voyages, I find ways to vent my frustration. Hunting is good. I love battling pirates, because a good fight makes me forget my pain for a while. But since that doesn't happen often, I hunt alot and practice my combat skills. Sometimes, if I can find a place to be alone for a while at night, I sing old Doreen songs to myself and imagine I'm back with my family.

But the first thing I want to do when I hit port is go hunting as well. Only I'm hunting Kehana. I'm not stupid, I won't murder them in the street (unless I can make it self defense). But I will watch, follow, hunt...kill if I can. But I won't do it if I can get arrested...hard to kill them when you're in jail.

I loved my family. My parents, my wife, my children...I loved them all and they loved me.

Delphino is my closest companion. I owe him my life, and he may be the one person who could rein in my homicidal rage. But he usually doesn't, which is why I like him so much. He has a cold nature about him which suits me fine. I will back him up any time he needs me. And he does the same for me. We work well together. I'm beginning to like Barilas alot as well, because he's always willing to fight. I like his brass balls.

I respect the two humans, especially our captain, but I'm not sure I like them. Part of me understands their caution, but I hate it. Every time we turn away from a bigger pirate ship it rankles me. Still, I respect their ability and realize they will take me much farther than I could go on my own. There's nobody on board the ship I don't like, but I just don't get Lynn. He seems so competant and smart, but he acts the fool. I don't get it, and I don't understand what he wants or why.

Locnar said...

Cool, 2 xp to you!

Delphino said...

What is your goal in life? The ripples of the prophecy have started to crash onto my body. I will either be ripped apart by the force of the destiny that I share or survive to the calm center and be carried away. I know that to struggle against these initial waves will exhaust me for the final conflict, so I try and keep myself relaxed in order to better meet the challenge. If I am to arrive at the center of the pool, then I must succeed. That is what I strive for.

We think Caribdus is still drowning. How does that make you feel? It speaks to me, as it was part of the prophecy. I am anxious because of it, not knowing how I will fit into the prophecy, but not being able to ignore or dismiss it anymore.

How do you amuse yourself during long boring sea voyages? I try and watch the humans to understand them better. Their ways are alien. I try and appease the elements, having upset them with my pacts. There is also always something to do on the ship which must be done. I can find that.

What's the first thing you want to do when you hit port? Gather news from my people on our efforts towards the Octopons and Hags. Try and watch out for Boze in his vendetta against the Kehana.

Which of your companions do you like/respect the most? Why Boze in his strength and fight is the most admirable, he is only slightly moved by the tide of destiny, he will be present for his part and has the freedom to do what he wants inbetween, this is enjoyable. I can't speak to him of this, since he only sees the darkness of the world around him and he can't know the part he will play for me or the others.

I have respect for the Captain because he is the captain. That is the way of it.

Which of your companions do you not like/understand? Why? Barilas does not act with any concern for himself or the others around him. He only seems to want to create a vortex of confusion and obstinance around him to drag others into his dark mood. This seems to be similar to the others of his kind that I have met, making me wonder what they are intended for.

Locnar said...

Great 2xp!