Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Critical Hits Games

As Tim & Shawn already know we have a new game shop in Coralville! Critical Hits games is located behind Peking Buffet. It has lots of game tables out front and a back room for private gaming as well. Just think Gaming, Beer, & Buffet all within stumbling distance of each other. They are already starting a Blood Bowl League, Magic tournaments, 40K, and Yu Gi Oh!


Locnar said...

I stopped in and checked it out. Good gaming space. Looks like he kinda wants it to be a gaming "hang out" like Legends.

Barilas said...

But successful, unlike Legends?

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week. Try the veal!

Locnar said...

Heh, one hopes with better accounting skills then certain people who shall remain nameless.

Delphino said...


I fucked it up the other night Tim.

So, my story on them so far...

I dropped in this evening to see about the Carcassone demo that they had scheduled (every wednesday is set up for a different demo board game, nothing for next week yet, but I will see about adjusting that I believe.)

Groom in the corner painting, being a little shut-in that he is. And GiGi (the owners wife/GF, chick, co-owner???)
I wandered around, was asked to be helped and mentioned the demo-ing and was told that 6:30 is generally the start time for those... and I wandered off.

Before I had gotten home Jeff (???) had called let me know he had just walked in, and that there was deffinetly going to be a demo.

Nice touch really. I will be wandering back in about 20 minutes to play for a bit... perhaps take some other things with.