Thursday, January 12, 2006

Faulkenstein Wrap Up

Lets talk advancement!
Here is your chance to improve your character. Take a few minutes and think about what your character did during the game. What skills did your character use most and what skills did you use where your difficulty was often higher then your skill level.
Poor skills are hard to improve. You would have to do something spectacular in order to overcome your disadvantage.
Ave is easiest to advance and then the difficulty increases the higher your skill is.
For the next session of this game I would also like each of you to do some advancment planning. Describe what your character would like to improve upon and we can set some goal for your character.

I think the card system worked fairly well so I will be keeping it for next time.


Womachka said...

Also, after the readings next week I would like to have your journals for plotting purposes.

Barilas said...


I can finally read the story of how Werner came to be.

Because, of course, none of you knew that I was the impostor ambassador.

Yep. I'm sticking with that one.

Boze said...

Well. Hmmm. The skill I think I used most was fencing. But I am already Great at that, so if I did not use it enough to advance it, that's understandable. However, perhaps advancing my Athletics would be appropriate as a correlary, especially as I did a lot of running and jumping especially towards the end.

I also think my Marksmanship deserves an upgrade...I made several pretty damn good shots despite my Average skill.

My Average perception might deserve an upgrade as well...perceiving stuff was about the only thing I did besides stabbing and shooting stuff.

Oh, and being shot and stabbed too. I might suggest a Physique upgrade from my Average, on the principle that that which does not kill me makes me stronger. And I was poisoned, shot, and bashed around enough that perhaps I got a little tougher, especially with all the excercising I was doing in between recoveries.

Boze said...

OH, sorry, maybe I'm being greedy, but I just realized that even though my Connections are Great, perhaps getting in good with the king, Tom Olam, Maria, and the Second Compact might be considered an upgrade in Who I Know as well.

Womachka said...

As far as the Fencing goes lets set up some goals for next time. For someone with great fencing What I would like to see is some more daring and cinematic moves. Disarming, attacking multiple targets etc...etc.

I am willing to raise you Athletics and your Marksmanship both to good.

Perception I am going to say no at this point as your character was resting for a bulk of the investigation process.

As for physique I am going to give you a goal of finding one thing to really test your Physique in a stressful situation diffuculty good or higher and you can gain that raise.
Great Connections is going to be hard to raise. If you really impress the second compact crew on your next mission I will raise your connections.

As for being Greedy. I don't think so. My suggestion is that everyone ask for as many raises as Brad did here.

Barilas said...

You know, the one skill that I was no good at but used successfully every time I tried it was my Physician skill.

Maybe I'm getting better at it.

Other than that, skills I used with any success were skills I was already good at.

I'd like my fencing or fisticuffs skills to improve, seeing as they're average as it stands now and I did use them a few times.

Other than those, I'd need my journal and such in front of me to ask for more.

Womachka said...

I will allow your physician skill to improve by a level as well as your choice of either fisticuffs or fencing. I will have your journals back soon so you can look them over.