Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Not a Precedent

I looked into the answer to your question about why you were a Wyrm, Shawn. As it happens, the code was fairy transparent in this case. The way the program works, it takes the list of monsters, which are in order of power rating, and truncates it based on A) how much emphasis your cards put into power rating as opposed to level and stats, and B) your dice luck. Dice luck is by far the more important criterion. Then it takes the truncated list and lets your cards vote on which monster you should play.

So your dice luck alone got you to power rating 10, which is the rating of the Wyrm. By contrast, Matt's dice luck gave him a power rating of zero, which his cards boosted at least to 2 thru their contribution, since his Warlock was a power rating 2.

As far as the vote that led to Wyrm, the "More Powerful than the DM realizes" card had little to do with it. His first three preferences, in order, were Centaur, Ghost, and Vampire.

Your "Gnome MU" card was looking for magical types, obviously.

Your other four cards, "Dwarven Fighter", "Berzerker", "Not a Mu", and "Disdainful Outsider" all ranked a constellation of primitive but tough monsters first, of which Wyrm was the second most powerful. If you had had a slightly higher power rating, you would have been playing a Shoggoth.

So there's a little insight into how you got to be a Wyrm.

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