Monday, October 24, 2005

Free Game

Just letting everyone know that White Wolf has made their World of Darkness core rulebook available as a free download. I think it's a good rule set, and I'd be happy to bore you to death telling you why if you ask! :)

You can get it here.


Delphino said...

And I will help Tim in the boring of you as to why it is worth it.

Everyone should download it in preparation.

Boze said...

I would love to do this thing, but the website is making it impossible for me to do so.

Locnar said...

Hmm, wonder why? What's going on?

Barilas said...

I download it sans problems just a moment ago.

Leptopus said...

What format is the download in? My computer is too old to work with the most recent PDF formats, but I'm trying to hold the thing together for another year for financial reasons.

Shawn: When you say we will need it in preparation, do you mean preparation for the fall of 2007, or did you have someone else in mind?

Delphino said...

Funny Nigel.

Yes, I suspect that when I run again unless something else has caught my eye, that I will be running in the Storyteller system.

I will see what format it is in and see if I can help you with the copy/data