Thursday, October 20, 2005

Journal, Continued

So me and dorf goes bak insid too tel everbuddy bowt the toodoo. I figger with al the pannik I mite be in trubble frum hummins, so we deside I wil sta and gard the prizner wile they goes and find owt wats hapening. So they goes, and I wate. I duno zackly wat hapin wile they gon, but latter in prizin they tel me they tride to sav a litel gurl frum a mob. A litel mew tant gurl. Did I menchun they tel me in PRIZIN!!!??? I got rested cose the dorf wuz mad I wusnt rested with them. See the citi gard rested them fore spirin with kayos, wich they wusnt butt anewa they thot so. butt then Leebnits the hi preest and sum nites cam cross them and sed they wood tak cussody. So wut do dorf do? He leeds them rite to or nu SEEKRIT LARE we sed we wood not tel nobuddy bowt. So then they rest me too and tak us all too sells unner the tempull of ullrik and leev us. Leebnits sa: U hav owtlivved yor yusfullness! He gonta kil us, and cuz dorf cant stand that I wood hav livved, he mad shur I was gonta di too. I nu dorfs hayted kin, butt not that much! I cud hav rescewed them, butt I wuz beehin bars. I deesided the dorf wud not git me killed! So I cam up with a plan too excape bi using Volkrad’s majick.
Fore wons, the abillitee of dorfs too piss peepull off cam in handy! The plan worked…sort of. We got the gard down too or sell, butt faled to lur him clos enuf fore Volkrad too tuch and putt him too sleep. He allmos wakked awa, butt then dorf wuz his yooshuall self and sed sumthin too relly piss the gard off. So the gard cam ovver and grabed dorf’s hed and slammed it aganst the sell barrs. Wen he did that, Volkrad used his majick to putt the gard sleep bi tuching his hand. And dorf wuz not hert cuz dorfs have rilly hard heds. I reeched thru and grabed kis and unlokked door. Lukky not enuf tim had past fore them too do sumthing with or stuff and it wuz stil in the gard room so we got it and left.
We went too the tempull of Sigmar wer ther wuz a crowd of peepull otside wantin to hang the wichhunters. We went in thru bak. We tokked to the preest and figgered that Leebnits is tring to deestoi the church of Sigmar and or cawz a civil war. So we think he is cultist, mabe of corn wich is bad cuz he has the scull. Wichhunters wer gonna bee putt on trile fore been kultis, and if they giltee fownd, sigmar dun in Middenhime, possbull civil war follo. So we sa we find proof they not giltee. Preest tel us serch this pub wer won of them fownd a seekrit tempull of kaos under in seller.
We go to pub, butt cant get in to seller. Tender sa no, and barr ful of peepull, citi gards and merks. We tri disstrack tender, but he cach me sneekin bi and tri too bash mi hed with a clubb! I wuz skared so I got mi sord owt and stabed the tender too deth. Then al hek brok loos, and evvrbuddy wuz fiting. Konrad shot peepull, volkrad majiked peepull, olfrad hakked peepull, and I arroed peepull. I think even dorf kilt sumbuddy. Sumhow we won even tho we wuz way owtnummered, tho we got hert and konrad got nokked owt. Too merks gav up and now we hav to figger wat too do with them. The hummins sa I ternd a barr fite into a blud bath bi draring mi sord, butt wat waz I sposed too do? He tride to bash mi hed in! I dont unnerstan hummins and ther rulz sumtims. Wy is a fite in a barr difernt then a fite othir plases? In Loren we dont draw wepins on eech other butt if yu do, yu ar liklee too get kilt.

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