Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Don't Let Brad be the Only One....

Who gets the extra XP!

XP opportunity:

Write up your characters story of the "Battle of Brigandy Bay." Incorporate all those individual rolls and tell us what really happened. You don't even have to narrate the whole story, just pick a great dramatic moment of you prefer. I'm only looking for a couple of paragraphs, not necessarily a novella. (but go ahead if the mood strikes) People can team up if they feel their characters acted mostly together. This must be posted here before my run session is up.



Barilas said...

Well, to be honest, I was a bit surprised that the entire cadre of shareholders made it through. I expected Boze to survive (and thrive, even) but I had lower expectations for the rest.

I didn’t expect to get the chance to avenge the deaths of so many scurillians in one fell swoop. For a second, as I stared at Brays coming down the steps wearing the remnants of my kin, I felt what I can only imagine Boze feels when a Kehana walks into the room. I’ve always felt a bit uneasy about his unrelenting quest to wipe out their entire race, but minds change. I hope he does wipe them out, if that’s the feeling in his gut every time a Kehana snarls at him.

All in all, it was a brutal little skirmish that gave me a chance to blow off some steam – and it’s a damn good thing they had me at the helm in the Bay, eh? It’s always a burden being the best helmsman and navigator on the water, but in a battle like that I almost feel sorry for the poor bastards on the other side of me.

I imagine we’ll spend a bit of time here before setting off for another “adventure,” so I’ll close this entry with a brief word of thanks to whatever higher power brought my comrades through alive.

- Barilas

Locnar said...

You are awarded 2 xp. Thanks!

Womachka said...

It appears that these pirates at Brigandy Bay are more ready for battle then I though. I was amazed at how quickly they were able to organize themselves. They must have somehow known we were coming. For when we stormed onto the shores they were ready. The captain gave me orders to take out the cannons and the rifles on the east tower. I was given three marines & two crewmen to help me with this daunting task.
We charged onto the beach as rifle and grape shot rained down on us. I quickly dove for cover. Just in time too as my hat was blasted off of my head form the spray of gun fire. We still had a ways to go if we were going to be able to get in range of that tower.
There was a brief moment of silence as I called for my troops to move forward. Off we charged again. My mapping of the area was most helpful as I was able to mark out places we could bunker down along the way. If we were fast enough and a little lucky we could make it to our next check point. I sprinted hard as I started to hear the popping sound of gunshot. I arrived at the rocks just as I heard the explosion of the cannon. Grape shot sprayed into the rocks in front of me.
Fire I yelled and my marines sprung up into action. As we fired our guns the tower grew silent. We were not going to wait for the smoke to clear so again I yelled charge. The crew & I charged up the hill once more. It was about half way through the charge that I stepped into a small rut in the ground and went sprawling. As I hit the ground I realized I was in trouble. I had a very small window to make it to the next check point before the cannon went off. I sprang to my feet and began to sprint but I was too late. I heard the cannon explode with an angry force. I braced for the impact when suddenly a figure sprang in front of me. One of my loyal crew members had given his life for mine. I heard the man cry out in pain as he hit the ground. I quickly scooped him up and ran him up to the next check point. Although I would have to wait to see if I could save the man as we had to take out that tower if we were going to be successful in this battle.
We were now in range of the guns and cannons up in the tower. I ordered the marines to quickly reload and take aim. We had only a few moments before ground forces reached us and we would never get to the tower. I carefully took aim at one of the pirates on the cannon. Fire I yelled. Gunfire exploded all around me as I fired on the tower. As the smoke cleared I heard the sound of battle cries as troops began to pour up the hill behind us. We had done it. The east tower was out of commission.

Locnar said...

Great! 2 xp to you!!

Delphino said...

If it wasn't for Barillas' skill at boating, and my repeated usage of Wave Runner, I am certain that we would certainly have less crew on the boat.

When the cannons on the beach began shooting at the ships, the whole of the crew continued following the captain's orders and worked as hard as possible to maintain the ship in the manner we have become accustomed, but when several of them, including a couple of the marines we had in armor, pitched overboard I saw only one choice.

After diving in, when I found them under the water struggling to remove their armor, my bargaining with the water elements was in their benefit.

When we surfaced, with Boze having dropped lines for us to catch and re-climb back on board, we were soon back aboard, with Barillas pointing out his piloting skill, lest we be left behind.

I healed the abrasions the crew had gained, and when possible and advantageous used my agreements with the fire elements to strengthen and power limited cannon shots.

Unfortunaly, I was unable to avoid the set of chain shot which leveled myself, the Captain, and scratched Barillas' shell. We lost a few crew with that shot, but I understand that Boze and Lynn made the cannon crew pay for that strike.

When we were less in danger, the assault on the bar occured. I knew that my agreements with the wind spirits were only new, and they would not avail me against one who clearly had showing his devotion to only them, so I brought the "whole bag of tricks" as Edmund has said. This certainly helped stop the mage's foul trickery of bringing forth the manifestation of his allies. The first time.

I was quite happy to make his acquaintence in that manner, but he retired from the battle before we could re-engage in proper play. I am certain that we will see him again in the future. One of his skill won't be lacking in offers for work, and his type seem to always fall in with cut-throats.

Next time he will not be as lucky.

Locnar said...

2 for you!

Boze said...

There was a loud crash followed by the sound of wood splintering as a pair of cannonballs smashed into the upper decking. The damage was minimal; that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that the Menott was currently grappled by a pirate brigantine and the sloop that was firing on them had a nearly free hand to blast away at them. They could neither maneuver nor spare any personnel to man the starboard guns; everyone was rather busy being locked in mortal combat. The sloop began to come about for another volley.
“Cuke,” shouted Boze, “Stop playing with that guy and follow me. We have to do something about that ship or it’s going to cause a major headache.”
“Where are you going?” the captain called as Boze gutted a snarling masaquani pirate and began to run for the starboard rail.
“That guy wants to mess up the varnish on our brand new ship. I aim to stop him,” Boze called back as he paused just long enough for Cuke to catch up to him at the deck side.
“You can’t take on a whole ship by yourself…” the captain tried to reason, but it was too late. Boze and Cuke dove over the side and began to swim like mad for the onrushing sloop.
The sloop was coming broadside as Boze snagged a dangling lanyard and began to shimmy up the side of the ship, dagger in his teeth. Cuke followed suit, struggling to keep up.
As he reached the rail, he heard the pirate captain give the order to “Fire!”. Using his cargo hook for leverage, Boze leaped over the rail and spun towards the pirate nearest him, who was just about to touch a match to the cannon he was manning. Plucking the dagger from his teeth, he plunged it into the man’s belly. Then he jabbed the hook into bottom of the rather surprised looking pirate’s jaw and used both blades to lever the poor sot up and over the railing where he barely had time to scream before he hit the water and disappeared. The second cannon roared as this occurred, drowning out any last words he may or may not have had.
Boze looked about and, spotting the pirate captain at the helm, broke into a grin. It was a Kehana.
“Today is my lucky day. Not so good for you though,” Boze called out. Behind him he heard Cuke’s feet hit the deck.
“Get that disgusting milk-drinker off of my ship!” the Kehana captain shouted to the motley collection of cutthroats on the deck. Quickly they moved to cut off Boze’s approach.
In moments he and Cuke were surrounded by 9 angry pirates, each one trying to run them through or bash their skulls in. Boze moved like lightning, slashing and stabbing his way through the uncoordinated mob. Cuke made short work of two pirates and turned to face a third when the Kehana captain, suddenly appeared behind him and ran a cutlass straight through his heart. Cuke choked once, and collapsed dead on the deck.
The Kehana grinned at Boze and licked the blood off his sword. “My but you people taste good. I’ll have you both for dinner tonight!” he laughed, and plucked a pistol from his belt.
As the flint hit the powder, Boze ducked quickly. The shot went over his head and struck the pirate behind him, putting a messy hole in his upper chest. Boze then turned angrily to the last pirate near him and stabbed him through the throat. He left the knife jutting from the wound as the man gurgled all the way to the deck.
“You’ll suffer for that, you bastard,” Boze growled, his eyes gleaming madly. You’d better hope those last two scumlickers you have there can stop me before I remove your liver from your still living body.”
For the first time, the Kehana began to look worried. He could barely pull himself together enough to order his last two henchman to “Shoot that crazy Doreen!”
As the two pirates pulled out their pistols, Boze ran forward directly between them. He leaped into the air and grabbed onto a sail line, using it to propel himself upwards as the guns went off, missing him completely. The smoke concealed him for a few seconds, long enough for him to drop down behind one of them and stab him in the back, dropping the rogue. Seeing this, the last pirate ran for the dinghy, and began to try to unlimber it.
Boze stalked forward, grinning madly as the Kehana backed up, holding his cutlass out in front of himself as a deterrent. Soon he decided to live and fight another day, and turned tail to run for the side.
Knowing that he had no chance of hunting down the water-breather if he got into the sea, Boze rushed forward and grabbed the sail line again, swinging forward with the momentum and twisting his body in mid air. When the rope reached it’s zenith, he kicked his legs forward as it began to speed back along the path he had just traveled.
Almost along the same path. This time he was headed for the murdering Kehana. His feet caught the fish-man square in the chest and knocked him breathless to the deck, squealing in pain. Boze let go of the rope and heard a cracking sound as his knee dropped on to the captain’s chest. The Kehana suddenly found a need to scream louder, but at the same time found it much more difficult to draw the required breath.
Boze sat his entire weight down upon the captain’s chest, causing further crunching sounds and a spray of blood to replace the strained whimpering coming from the Kehana’s mouth. He placed a knee on a scaly wrist to hold it down, and then plunged a dagger through the clawed hand and deep into the ship’s planking, pinning it.
“Stay,” Boze said, and got up and began to walk across the deck to the lone pirate who was struggling to get the dinghy ready for launch. Panicked and over his head, the man did not hear the Doreen approach. Boze grabbed him by the hair, yanked his head back, and slit his throat.
He walked back towards the Kehana, who seemed to be choking on blood as he scrabbled to pull dagger in his hand out with the other, free, hand.
“Oh no, not done with you yet,” the Doreen rasped. He spun the dagger in his hand around, and brought the hilt crashing down upon the fish-man’s temple.

When the captain finally managed to come to his senses through the fog of pain, he realized he had been dragged into the powder room. The feeling of metal spikes being driven through his limbs and into the planking was enough to bring him out of his stupor, but he still could not catch his breath enough to scream. Boze was nailing him to the floor. In horror, the Kehana watched the Doreen grab a cask of powder and trail it out the door, then return and place the barrel between his legs. He grabbed a match and went back to the doorway.
“Say hello to the Sea Hags for me, and tell em I’m coming,” Boze said. Then he turned and left. There was a short silence, then a crackling sound was heard. The captain lifted his head enough to see a flame tracing its way back along the powder trail. He looked at the keg between his legs, and whimpered. He looked over at the stack of kegs next to him, and closed his eyes.

As the burning sloop sank behind him, Boze swam back towards the Menott, struggling with the corpse of Cuke. He would give him a proper send off after the battle, he thought. It looked like the Brigantine was being cut loose, so he could assume that particular problem had been dealt with as well. Duckworth’s mighty vessel had laid waste to most of the other pirate ships which had scrambled out to meet the fleet, so the way was clear to proceed into Brigandy Bay and whatever awaited them ashore.

Locnar said...

Ok good. 1 point.

HA! Just kidding. That's worth 3. Great job.