Sunday, May 14, 2006

Um, we/I made a mistake...

Ok, I was reviewing the rules a bit this evening.... and found something that is making me sick to my stomach.
Even as a Kraken, Delphino is not allowed to take any Elemental Mastery until SEASONED rank, and then only one element a rank (which I have been following.)

Since Delphino just became a Veteran, this means that he is technically only allowed to have 2 elements max, not all 4.

Shouldn't have started w/ one and shouldn't have been able to purchase one in the Novice Level.

I am wondering how to correct this, since it obviously has impacted game play.

I am really sorry guys.


Leptopus said...

Obviously, Tim should decide how to run his own game. My two cents is that Delphino is still underpowered compared to Boze, so no harm no foul.


Delphino said...

Tim and I did speak a bit about it today.

He reminded me that at Character creation that all characters in 50 Fathoms are allowed one Edge (with GM approval) which they can ignore the rank requirements for.

And I did use that for the 1st Elemental Mastery... He did indicate that we would let the ooops go for this case.

Again, sorry guys.

Womachka said...

I believe your character has taken more wounds then any other party member and with lesser magic powers your character would be hard pressed to make much of an impact at all in combat. I have not seen a problem with your character being bosted a little.
Of course as a GM I respect any choice Tim makes in regards to this.

Locnar said...

No biggie. Things happen. Maybe you just owe the Elemental Spirits a favor? -insert evil laugh-