Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gaming Recommendations

I've had a lot of times on my hands while in Denver, so I thought I'd give some recommendations. Of course, this is nothing but a blatant attempt to get other guys I know involved so I have more cool opponents. :)

The first is the CCG Workshop. This is the same outfit that does the Vampire TES online. But, if you download their main engine there's a whole bunch of card and board games you can play for free. I've been playing Mythos online, you get access to all of the cards. Other games of interest to our group include: Babylon 5 CCG, Doomtrooper CCG (they are still making "virtual" expansions), Abduction card game (the one that you own Shawn), Kult CCG, Shadowfist CCG and even Mille Borne. It takes a little to get the hand of the interface, but it's pretty fun. You want broadband, because it takes a while to download all the card art for each game. I'd love to play any games with someone if you contact me.

Ok, no one was interested in Horror Clix. I've fallen in love with another mini's game called Dreamblade. It's the mini's game that could have been designed by Clive Barker. I have enough to show anyone the game.

Yes Shawn, I'm a freak. But I'm your freak.

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