Thursday, August 10, 2006

HorrorClix Anyone?

Ok. I'm interested in getting into the upcoming game: HorrorClix. But only if at least one of my fine gamer friends is interested in it also. So, I'm trying to see if anyone else is willing to get into collection little monster figs and playing the game with me. I wouldn't expect you to mortgage the house to play, but at least a starter and maybe a couple of boosters. So, anyone else interested?

You can get all the teaser information in the link above.


Delphino said...

You are a complete and total freak, Tim.

Locnar said...

I'll take that as one no. Hey wait, didn't you consider dropping a whole lotta cash just to get the Cthuhlu fig?

Delphino said...

Yeah, but that was the Cthuhlu figure.

Beta just mailed me saying that he can get it for $120... the wife is saying, "No" but occasionally forgets that I save money better than her.


Locnar said...

yeah you are right, that DOES make ME the freak. Right. Gotcha.