Friday, June 22, 2007

Preparing to be Reloaded in Deadlands


So I took a few minutes to rebuild The Marshall...and it kinda works and kinda doesn't.

Without the character sheet that we had at the end, I can't tell you how close this is, but I know that it is pretty close to where it started at...

See the attached .bmp to the right and I will try to upload the file for a closer review.

This is The Marshall with only 10 additional points added to the sheet... from the Deadlands character creation instructions.

Differences which I remember between old creation and this one.
1) I know that Andy required us to all take "Veteran o' the Weird West" previously, so I made sure to do that... which is the reason for the 20 of the XP listed there and obviously 4 of the additional advances on the sheet.
2) Other than "Strong Willed" the SW system doesn't have a good analogy for "The Voice" or "The Stare" that the previous Deadlands system had, but I was able to get that with one of the 4 additional advances.
3) The Marshall's horse is a Legendary Edge now("On A Pale Horse...") which is depressing since he was a cool portion of the character.
4) With any additional advances given, the shooting and more Edges for shooting would appear. Also the Spirit would be purchased up a rank or 2 in order to not be constantly shaken, but I remember having that problem before.

I suspect that not everyone will have the same experience as I did... although I suspect that Tim will with his Agency man, since "Vo'tWW" would allow him to purchase the Professional edge that he would need.

Originally I had thought that I wouldn't need any additional advances to get here, but then I realized that I hadn't taken the d6 Guts, so I needed the additional 10 points to get those.

Brad, take a shot and see what you get in the end... same with you Tim.
Nigel and Brian, I don't know if you have the books for this, but I can bring them for you to see next week.

Oh, and Andy... if you can scare up the old sheets, that might help.



Locnar said...

Just a few thoughts. Andy has a couple of choices. He could use VotWW, or he could just give us X number of XP. Secondly, there's nothing to stop Andy from giving you the Horse Edge, even if it's supposed to be Legendary. (Alternatively, you could take the animal companion edge from SW, which escapes me right now.)

Remind me: what does "The Stare" do again? Is it a lot different than Intimidation?

Delphino said...

You are correct, Andy does have choices.

However, I remember him specifically indicating that our hero's were required to take VotWW on the previous start... as it happens it just allowed me to make the character closer than without it.

Both "The Voice" and "The Stare" were +2 to Intimidation rolls and -2 to Charisma modifiers in the previous system... making them a total together of +4 and -4 to Intimidation rolls and Charisma rolls respectively.

Locnar said...

Ahh, i had forgotten that we took VoTW before.

That animal edge is Beast Bond, which is not as cool, but still works.

Well, the bonus from "Strong Will" is probably pretty similar to a +4, since the scale is smaller. You could take another minor hindrance that affects your charisma if you want to keep the same level of....scariness. :)Or you could take bloodthirsty as your major hindrance, that's a -4 to your Charisma right there!

Boze said...

I don't believe Andy actually REQUIRED we take veteran of the weird west, it was just an option. I know I did take it, but I can't remember what bad thing I got for it. I have to go find my character sheet which I know I have in a box somewhere.

Delphino said...

I had been under the impression that it had been required Brad. We had all seen our share of craziness... the only character which I would have guessed as not having it would have been Nigel's kid, but that kid had lived through Gettysburg so I know that he had it.

As for the edge, it wasn't as much the negative charisma mods that I wanted it for, but the increased mods to the Intimidation... to which you are correct, the smaller scale does allow for the bonus to be sufficient in this case.

I might not have been very clear, but I am pretty pleased with the transition experience from my end... I just know that YMMV for everyone else, particularly Brad with the Huckster (ne mage) character.

I also suspect that there are shooting edges that I am not remembering from the previous character, but I could certainly re-build to those with more spends.

I am curious as to how everyone else fares in this little exorcise.

Pun intended *grin*

Boze said...

Well, I actually do have my old character sheet which I dug up. It has been chewed up by a cat, but is mostly intact and I transitioned it over to Savage Worlds. I ended up spending 120 xp to get the character up to somewhere approximating the old Deadlands character. By approximate, I mean the stats are about exactly what I think they should be, the skills are pretty damn close, the edges are reasonably close, and his magic powers are good but he has about half as many as he used to. The character also had 2 white, 2 red, and 3 blue chips, so if I had spent those he would be even cooler.

I will bring the sheet to gaming on Monday along with the old sheet.

Locnar said...

JUST 120 Brad? Why not go 2x legendary and 160?

Just ribbing you a little bit. :) Actually, my approach to converting between systems is different. I don't even care about looking at my Deadlands Classic Sheet. I'd just make a character in the new system that was like the old one.

For example. Shawn, your character is a scary badass Ranger. I'd just make that, not try to match up everything on the character sheets.

Boze said...

Ha, I would have had to go to 160 xp if I had actually wanted to have all the spells I used to have. But the lack of said spells doesn't bug me so much. Jackson Cassidy had three defining characteristics. He was a decent hexslinger and a very good gambler, but his most defining characteristic was that he was unbelieveably fast and a dead shot with a pistol. He was supposed to be pretty good with a knife but lousy with his fists, which you can't really do in Savage Worlds. I thought I simulated his ill health well enough by leaving him at a d4 Vigor, which makes him Mr Glass Jaw, and that's okay.

leptopus said...

I actually don't remember my second character very well, the one who had been at Gettysburg. I played him longer, and more recently, so you'd think I'd remember him better than the other, but no.