Tuesday, June 05, 2007

You can't always get what you want...

So, last night's adventure was a failure, but a qualified failure anyway. Despite Nigel's assertion, a sensor reading does not constitute proof of anything, at best it is probable cause. In this case there is no remaining evidence of any biological agents. Here is what ends up happening to end this particular story:

The cyborg Knight agent tortures the Jean-Baptiste, as I said, and JB spills his guts. Upon learning that JB is an UNTIL agent and that there is a squad of UNTIL agents outside looking to bust him, the Knight moves quickly to destroy evidence. First he goes and magnetically deletes then destroys the computer thus eliminating all files related to the operation. If there was any evidence directly tying DanCo to the op, or clues to the identity of the White Queen, or other leads to follow, they have been destroyed. He then headed into the lab (located in the room behind the room where he interrogated JB) and proceeded to destroy the evidence there, and presumably the biological sample if there was in fact one.

It was while he was doing this that the remaining 3 agents; Masa, Lisette, and Parvati, came upon JB and freed him before the Knight could return and kill him. Upon entering the factory they encountered little opposition from the workers, most of whom fled when faced with heavily armed cops. However, if the truth be told the Knight would probably have slaughtered a mere 3 agents (JB was too badly hurt to be much help), but he was too busy torching evidence to turn his full attention to the agents, then he shot his way out to get away rather than stand and kill you guys (this being very rational behavior on his part...where you see a few UNTIL agents it is generally known they will be followed by more). Parvati was seriously injured however, and Masa minorly. Lisette's forcefield protected her from any real harm during the Knight's shoot out escape.

So where did it all go wrong, and why is it not an UNqualified failure? Well, of course one of the main problems was that Andy screwed up about as many rolls as he possibly could have. That's just bad luck. Overall your plan was pretty good. The real problem is that you failed (Andy mainly) to factor in the possibility of security systems being in place. In the previous scenario I told you what they were from the start, since Lisette and Masa were assumed to have scouted out the target before hand. Nobody ever asked about any security systems this time. To be sure, they were not as extensive as the previous scenario...in fact they were rather simple. There were photo-electric beams on all the doors and windows (and such things could easily have been disabled), a few cameras, and motion sensors on the roof (which was why there were no guards stationed up there).

Once the alarms went off, you guys were kind of boned. If you had been able to attack them by surprise so that they were unprepared and piecemeal, things would probably have gone different. The guards had no armor and were poorly armed, as you noticed they did not pose too much of a threat. So anyway, what went right?

Well, the evidence of the illegal arms manufacturing itself could not be destroyed, not before the UNTIL cavalry showed up and secured the place, so there was that. The shipment they recieved was a bunch of computer chips, processors, and other cutting edge electronics that had been hijacked, presumably to be used in the weapons and gear being made. Thanks to the fact that Masa stopped the truck from getting away, UNTIL can trace it. The truck leads to the arrest of several Russian Mobsters working a hijacking ring in Denmark and northern Germany. Unfortunately they seem to have no direct ties to Genocide, simply being paid to steal and deliver goods, so they have little to further the investigation. The security guards which were captured are likewise not much use...while they knew they were working for Genocide (and proud of it), they were essentially Pawns-in-training...do your time and prove yourself here and maybe someday you get your armor and blasters and get to hunt real muties.
UNTIL command seems very interested in your description of the guy with the sword. He is known as Scimitar, and has been making a name for himself working as an enforcer for organized crime in Europe. They have a suspicion that his real identity is Victor Zapotek, a former UNTIL agent in the Copenhagen office. When it is brought to their attention that he seemed awfully fast and strong for an agent, command clams up. You get the idea that there is more to the story, and that it is above your security clearance. They do suggest that he is unstable and dangerous, and holds a grudge against UNTIL. His behavior is unpredictable, so be careful.

In essence, if this mission had gone off without a hitch, Genocide could have been practically rolled up in Europe. This won't happen now. There ARE leads that can be recovered, but unfortunately it looks like it will be a long drawn out investigation now using covert ops instead of a chain of untainted evidence unleashing hordes of UNTIL squads.

So what is the aftermath for your characters?

Parvati as I said was seriously injured. She will make a full recovery, but will face a review board after she returns to active duty for her decisions. Command is still a bit unclear about how you guys ended up in Denmark.

Lisette is commended for her actions in helping save Allesandro's and Jean-Baptiste's lives, and is assigned to the Genocide case on a semi-permanent basis.

Jean-Baptiste is removed from active duty and sent for retraining. He messed up but is not given an official reprimand...he suffers from some post-traumatic stress due to his torture and it is considered best that they give him the soft touch and let him work his way back when he is ready.

Tranh IS given an official reprimand for cowardice. "We do not leave a man behind." He is quietly transferred to a backwater office in Asia.

Masa. Masa wins, ladies and gentlemen. First off, he is given an official commendation, a medal for his bravery in leading the rescue of Jean, and a promotion. After going over the after-action report and noting his exceptional marksmanship and coolness in combat, he is also given the chance to go to Tactical Command school. No EWD agent has ever gone to Tac Command before. Masa also becomes something of a hero, and achieves legendary status among his fellow EWD agents. He modestly attributes his success to playing "a lot of HALO". He, like Lisette, will be assigned to the Genocide case.

Allesandro was critically injured by Scimitar. He will take a long time to heal and does not come back 100%. He is no longer fit for Sky Cav, so he is reassigned and retrained specifically for work with the Intelligence Corp. He is also assigned on a semi-permanent basis, along with Lisette and Masa, to the Genocide investigation squad.

There you have it.


Womachka said...

Allesandro I believe would be very offended at the Until assessment of this situation. Jean would have been dead if Allesandro would not have "lead" the charge against Scimitar. If he had not been the distraction she may have never survived the assault that Scimitar would have leveled against her. If all he recieves is a swift kick downstairs. which he would consider his new position a demotion along with being crippled with no recognition of him falling in the line of duty I believe Allesandro will become bitter and probably take on a mercenary position as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

Boze said...

Actually, his new position will be a promotion of sorts, and he certainly gets a "purple heart" equivalent for his actions. But the idea of a bitter Allesandro over the incident does present interesting possibilities.

Womachka said...

I really saw Allesandro as the type who lived for the corp. Having to leave it to work for the people who really kind of left him hanging in the fight. I think he would feel like a cop who was reassigned to a desk job or put on a beat after working in homicide.