Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Poor Leadership

I'm taking the blame for not showing good leadership during the last battle. Something about missing the first session threw me off. I'll try to to better in the future.



Your RHS said...

When I went down the stairs to help subdue Mindwipe, I made two errors. One, I assumed Mindwipe was out, so I wasn't worried about putting him further out. Two, I didn't expect to come down the stairs into a nest of villains, which in retrospect I should have expected. For some reason, I expected we would have a bit to regroup.

Failing that, I did what I could to keep myself in the fight until the cavalry got there.

So if you have to blame someone, it should be me.

Womachka said...

I think we all made our share of mistakes in the combat. I would not be too hard on yourselves over what happened. After all. Alls well that ends well. We did defeat & capute our enemy. Tim, we could not have defeated Hammerhead without the good teamwork we had going in that battle. You saved my butt several times by knocking hammerhead on his.