Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Snake in the Grass

Vanguard Mission Log:

We were contacted by the hero group known as the Justice Foundation. They tell us of a plan to simultaneously attack several Viper nests in order to triangulate their computer transmissions back to the main Viper instillation. The plan was bold and we agreed to assist. We needed to attack the L.A. Viper nest, which is one of the world's largest. The Justice Foundation suggests that we get some other local hero's to assist, considering how much resistance we might face (not to mention that Legion is not around). We put the word out and manage to get some local heroes to agree to the plan:

  • Crusader and Starburst agree of course. Crusader has no love of Viper and Starburst usually is willing to help out Crusader.
  • Nightstick: a street vigilante operating out of Chinatown. He doesn't agree to help us fight, but will use his considerable infiltration skills to scout the base for us.
  • Mr. Nobody: a shapeshifter.
  • Sgt. Eagle: A new face, at least to us.
  • Life Line: obviously he won't help us in the raid, but will be around to assist with injuries.
  • Black Phantom: technically retired, but he agreed to help in a limited fashion.
We put together a simple plan. The plan was for us to disable Viper's vehicle pool, then while the rest of us assault the main base, Mason, Black Phantom, Mr. Nobody, and Nightstick will secure the vehicles and watch our backs.

The base was of course well staffed with Viper agents wielding high tech gadgets. Viper did have several superpowered villians at their disposal.
  • Brick: superstrong and able to throw chunks of himself
  • Damage: a mutant who wears and armor suit
  • Hammerhead: a powersuit wearer with a really big plasma cannon
  • Mindwipe: a mentalist who is a little unstable
  • Faze: and energy projector who "fazes" in and out of reality
  • Shattershot: crazy hit man who likes shotguns
  • Shadowfist: bodyguard of the head Viper, Style
Things went relativity well. We made it into the base with a bit of resistance. On the first level, things got a little hectic. I guess it's not to surprising when you throw a bunch of heroes together who aren't used to fighting side by side. It quickly got disorganized, and the appearance of Mindwipe messing with Trauma's head didn't really help too much. We did manage to overcome the agents on that level, although I managed to get caught by a Viper blast and didn't see the whole battle. I'm told that Trauma's "girlfriend" Black Diamond showed up also, I can't even begin to make sense of that.
Things got a little out of hand after that. Mindwipe was down but not exactly out, and we failed to make sure he was out of the fight. Before I knew it, Hooligan and Starburst went ahead to the next level down and met the main Viper force. At this point we lost local superiority. The next few minutes were a blur of fists, blasts, and gunfire. It was a hard slog, and tactics went out the window and it turned into a superpowered scrum. Hammerhead was as nasty as we thought, and his plasma cannon caused a lot of difficulty. There was also a mystery guest that we didn't know about, and we still are a little unsure about.

The details of the battle are not so important. I feel that my leadership was not quite up to the task of this raid, and with all the extra allies, I lost control. Thing got out of hand and chaotic. On the other hand, our team showed a lot of Grit in the face of a deadly enemy. We all fought "tooth and nail" and managed to eek out a victory when things looked grim.

I will cover the aftermath in the next entry.

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Womachka said...

Sgt. Eagle,
Thank you for sending me this information about a list of by-laws. It will be a great help in getting our team organized to a common cause.
With that in mind i beg you to reconsider your probation on the following grounds.
1. I feel your input on this team will be most valuable to us. What our team seems to lack the most is discipline. We need someone like you to show us the way & I can't think of anyone better for the task.

2. Most of the members of this team agree with you. nobody should be above the law. In that regard anyone in our presence who commits murder should be taken into custody.

3. Jermiah Gabriel was taken into custody shortly after his altercation with the members of Demon. He was processed & then released on the ground that he had diplomatic immunity in this matter. We did what we could. At least it will be difficult for him to get to the united states as he was asked to leave the country before leaving police custody.
4. Our team needs another member who is sure that killing is wrong. if we are going to fight crime we cannot resort to crime in order to stop it.
5. A war is comming & I need a soldier. A war that is going to involve Heaven & Earth, Mutants & normals & all the evils of the world that want to exploit this. I need you on our team. Others on our team agree. The others will agree as the truth unfolds.
Thank again for all of your assistance & take care,
Triple Forte'