Thursday, February 21, 2008

Press Release

From the office of Councilman Paul Hewsen.
For immediate release.

The people of this city were attacked last night. Make no mistake, this was an attack on your elected official, your government, and an attack on the people of this city. As your representative, I have striven to stand up for your rights as citizens against those who would use your government as their own personal piggy bank. I left my opposition no other choice but to retaliate in the most disgraceful manner, with an attempt to silence me by taking my life. It is the last resort for cowards and scoundrels.

Rest assured, I am recovering physically and my resolve will not waver. In their craven attempt to dishearten me, they have only awakened my passion even further. I will stand again for the people of this city. When I'm fully recovered, I will propose a new plan to fight the villainous and corrupt in this city. With the support of the good citizens of Los Angeles, we will chase this vermin out from the holes that they hide in, out into the light where their evil cannot survive.

No one has the right to use force to manipulate your government, no one has the right to subvert honest representation for all.

Councilman Paul Hewsen.

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