Monday, February 04, 2008


Sure Granny, it could have gone better. It could always go better. But this one could have REALLY gone better.

It was about hunches. First, we followed a hunch that the group in San Diego was in trouble, attacked like we were. Boy, were we right! That poor bunch of heroes got beat up so bad it wasn’t funny at all. Some of them got killed, and the rest are in bad shape.

But then we followed another hunch, and it was so easy. We found a connection between the VIPER group that attacked us and this ranch place out in Arizona. We went there under cover, and found a little town set up to show how life was way back in cowboy days. But they weren’t foolin’ us, nope. I snuck away at dinner time and found the barn where they kept this old train, and the security systems they had on there were just way too much to expect for a little history town like that.

So that night we snuck in and tried to raid the place. Someone set off an alarm, though, and suddenly we were facing a whole bunch of automatic energy guns, and then this crazy train pops out and starts blasting away at us. It was a blur, really, but somehow we managed to take out this behemoth, somehow. But they hurt us bad, Granny, and we were in no shape to get into another fight.

So of course, we’re all in this train barn, and we get into another fight. I don’t recall much of that fight, Granny, but we came across a lot of agents and ran through a lot of hallways, and then had to take out a bunch of cosmic-commies before they could blow the place up. Guess we had the right place! They did get the computer messed up, though, before we could get what we wanted out of it.

But then we had to fight a snake-man, and damn was he tough! Pardon my language, Granny, but it was a struggle. He bit me, and I think there is something wrong with me now. I don’t know if it’s more voodoo, or if he was a were-snake, or just infected me with a virus of some kind… but it’s like I’m turning into a snake. I know, it sounds crazy, but there it is. I’m getting scaly, growing fangs, and have this urge to eat rats. I found myself wanting to wrap my legs around Trauma and squeeze the life out of him. Yeah, I know that’s not all that strange, but the rest of it is.

So, I guess now I’m really at the mercy of fate. I still might seek out the help of a hoodoo, to help me with the other little problem, but especially now I need to know if this snake thing is real.

I’ll let you know, Granny.

Ever yours,

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