Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I don't want to break with tradition, so I will run a Halloween game. I have two choices. I could run a separate one-shot Halloween adventure. No problem there.
The other choice, is to take the 50 Fathoms game into Halloween territory. This has the advantage of not breaking up the game, and allowing you to gather XP for the trip. The disadvantages are thus: First, I feel bound to make the Halloween adventure nasty. Second, I was not planning to do this, so you'll have to be ok with being railroaded into the plotline (in fact, I would need you to go along with wherever I steer you to) for this to work.

Thoughts? Ideas? Complaints? World Series Predictions?

1 comment:

Boze said...

I dunno. I'm easy either way. I perhaps would rather do a one shot unless you have already have a good spooky idea in mind for 50 F...that way if we all die horribly it won't suck as much.

And, I think the Red Sox win in 6.