Thursday, November 03, 2005

Final Entry

We wer not shur what to do. I thot we shud go to the tempull of Ulric rite away but we desided to go back to the pallas first. This ment we had to sneek past the watch again and bribe the gards to let us back in. Hummins seem to be easily bribed with munny. Anyway, it all ended up just like I suspected in the first plase. We went to the tempull of Ulric. But first we had to talk to Ranalf and also the preests of Sigmar, AND our old frend the captin of the gards. He gave us a new warant and sent us out by ourselves wich seemed a little odd but he said it would take too long for him to gather up the wach.
It shur didn’t take Liebnits very long to gather up the watch. We ran into a patrol on our way to the temple and they started shooting at us on site! One of the poor mercenaries who joined us was shot strate throu the head and killed. Before they could kill the rest of us, the humans managed to convince the gards we were not in fact assassins sent to kill Liebnits but fully authorized watchmen. And Ulfrad bullied the commander to give us a watchman to replace the mercenary they had killed. He was not real happy about that.
Then wen we got to the temple there were two more watch detachments who wanted to kill us, but we also talked them out of it before they did so. But the temple door was barred so we had to find another way in. Which fell to me, because nobody else seems to know basic things like climbing stuff and being sneaky. We tied up our blankets to make a rope (maybe we should invest in some real rope?) and I climbed up to a window and sneaked in and helped everybody else up. Then we went down the hall and entered the main chamber of the temple.
Two templars were garding the entry, and five more were surrounding Liebnitz. He was over towards the middle of the room by the “sacred flame”. I was having a very bad day, I can say. I think the fact that I had not rested or eaten in nearly two days was beginning to take its toll on me because my aim was off horribly, and even when I did hit I struck only glancing blows. Those templars were tuff, with their plate armor. The two of them held off our entire group while Liebnitz took a knife and cut the throats of all the other Templars! He was doing this for a good reason thou, because the blood of the sacrifices seemed to be making the skull more powerful. All the blood flowed into the skull no matter where in the room the blood spilled.
Finally we managed to kill the two gards at the cost of our other mercenary and some dearly wounded comrades. It was too late to stop Liebnitz, however. A horrible demon of Khorne burst forth, mortally wounding Liebnitz and swooping to attack us. First Conrad, then Ulrad went down, their flesh shredded and bleeding to death. The dwarf faced the demon alone, fending off its attacks but unable to strike a telling blow in return. I fired my final arrow and…barely scratched it. Ranalf was dragging the dying bodies of my comrades past me, and I…I don’t know. I just acted without thinking. Foolishly I dropped my bow and charged the demon with my sword. It grinned evilly as my blow glanced off it’s hideous hide. I realized that I was a stupid, suicidal elf and that it was certainly going to tear out my guts with it’s next blow.
Fortunately for me, that blow never came. After trying and failing many times to get his spell just right, Volkrad finally cast his magic arrow spell perfectly. It tore into the demon and shattered its earthly form, casting it back to the pit of chaos from wich it sprung. I breathed a sih of relief.
Liebnitz gave some maniacal speech before he died about other artifacts and summoning a big evil of some kind, but it sounded crazy to me. The guy is dead, he wont be summoning anything with any more artifacts. He got what he deserved.
Now I am writing this many days later. The city officials were very grateful for our help, but they didn’t want us telling anyone about it to avoid a panic. Which is fine with me, I doubt anyone would buy it anyway. Volkrad has had more time to work with me on my writing and I really think it’s coming along nicely. Humans spell stuff strangely though. I mean, they use all these extra letters and don’t always spell it how it sounds. Oh well.
We did get to go shopping. The city even gave us a few things in gratitude. I bought myself a new set of very nice clothing. The old set I burned. After the sewers and being showered in blood by the evil fountain, not to mention that of the murderous bartender, I was not going to wear those clothes any more. The stains and smell just would not come all the way out.
Ulfrad and Conrad both got jobs working for the Graf, or at least his law enforcement. Ulfrad is now officially a watchman, and Conrad is training to become a Road Warden. Volkrad has his money to get his license, but he has to work at the Collegium Library for a while to pay off the debt he has incurred for a certain grimoire they have lent him. I have no idea what the dwarf is planning to do. I suppose he’ll go back to his people or something.
Me, I don’t know what to do. I guess I have to stick around Conrad for a while, at least until he pays me back the money I lent him to buy his pistols. It was actually quite a lot of money, at least that’s what I am told. I don’t really care that much about it, but Ulfrad insisted that it was important that all debts be settled. I guess I will need it if I stick around the Empire. I just can’t bring myself to think about going home. I want to, but…
So, I’ll hang around here for a while. I’ll see Volkrad and Ulfrad occasionally, since they will be here as well. Conrad will probably have to go out and patrol the roads sometimes, and maybe I will go with him. After all, if he gets killed he can’t pay me back, right? Other than that…who knows what will be in store for me, now that it looks like my new friends will go their separate ways?

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