Thursday, November 03, 2005

A little wrap up

So...assuming you'll have some down time in Middenheim, what are your characters planning on doing?

I have a general idea for most of you, but I'd love it if y'all left a comment here saying what you were up to.

The only person really bound to anything would be young Volkrad, who has (temporarily, anyway) become an indentured servant of the Collegium Theologica.

I'm not saying you'll have a chance to complete all of your plans, depending on what they are, but I'd like to know your respective intentions.


Locnar said...

Yes, I'll be awaiting my Grimoire, which is apparently made of solid gold.

Boze said...

Well, I think my character has a number of things to do while hanging about in Middenheim. I'm making the assumption that by becoming a Watchman and Roadwarden, respectively, that Ulfred and Konrad will be actually paid employees of the state at least for a time and will be doing those duties until such time as they grow weary of working for the man...or circumstances overcome them. I'm sticking near Konrad, perhaps even going on patrol with him sometimes in order to protect my "investment".

Otherwise, I have a few tasks to accomplish. Number one, I want to make friends with the elf that owns the restaurant in the park. I need a source of non-human food, so I will make nice with him and hope I can get a steady source of meals at well-reduced prices. I'd be willing to do odd jobs for him if that would help, including going out and hunting him some fresh game.

Number two, I want to fix up the warehouse that used to be a Chaos cult hideout. I want to clean up the cellar and get rid of any and all signs of chaos, giving anything that can't be burnt or scrubbed away to the Sigmarites for destruction. Then I want to repair the damage done to the main warehouse and make it serviceable. There should be enough lumber in the empty crates lying around to do this...however, if it turns out that I am having too difficult a time doing these repairs myself, I will reluctantly ask Furdok for help. Being a dwarf, he should be able to fix it up better than new. If he wants, I will donate the cellar to him to be living space. I intend to build a loft in the warehouse to live in, as underground just doesn't suit me.

I will use my new connections in the city to get the warehouse deeded to me. I figure that given the fact that we are heroes, saved the city and risked life and limb to personally clear out the evil Purple Handers from this very warehouse they might see fit to hand it over as a prize, especially since the owner is demised and it's just sitting there empty and doing nothing.

Aeryn is not precisely sure why he is doing this, he has some vague idea that it will become useful at some point. He intends to consult with the others after he has completed the basic repairs and see if they have any ideas what to do with it. After all, everyone should have a say in it since we all defeated the cultists together.

Womachka said...

I plan on going to great length to aquire a position as a Roadwarden. My new career. I will have to work on breaking in my horse. Doing any kind of training they require to get me on the job of protecting the borders of Middenheim. I also plan on doing any kind of odd job work I can in the mean time to start paying back the elf for the loan he gave me for the pistol.

Leptopus said...

City Watch. Making Friends Same. Drinking. Resting. Sandwiches. Keeping in Touch with my Travelling Companions and Looking Nostalgically Back on our Various Adventures. Drinking.