Monday, December 17, 2007

Letter to Granny #2

Dear Granny:

It’s all still a mystery to me, Granny, why the sweet little baby Jesus came to free me from my torment, only to have it all happen again. As the days go by, I can feel myself growing weaker and weaker, and now I can only assume it was all a dream. I will keep the faith, Granny, and be my own judge as I reach the last of my days. I regret only that I didn’t do the amount of good that I could have, and worry that the decision to work for the lady was the wrong one.

But while I still have breath, Granny, I will do what I swore to do. My friends have survived another day, thwarting what would have been another strange murder at the hands of the group they call DEMON. I was able to assist again, this time using the memories within me to investigate a home owned by a missing couple. Well, they weren’t really missing, you see, because I was able to track their bank information and found that they were spending a great deal of time going between their home and another home they owned in Redbark. They were also buying a lot of meat and ding dongs.

You might ask what the heck that has to do with anything. Well, the guys were able to figure out, with the help of that mysterious beauty that joined up with us, that a very bad man by the name of Dark Paladin was involved. They also deduced that another baddie, Griffon, was in on these murders. The mysterious beauty also chimed in that her sister was probably involved. She’s a witch, that sister, and a bad one at that. The kind that deserves to have a house dropped on her, if you know what I mean.

Well, anyway, we thought maybe the griffon would need a lot of raw meat to eat, and the witch likes ding dongs. Go figure.

So, I help break into this home in town, right? And we find all kinds of evidence about the griffon and other corroborating things. Plus, we find the name and other information about a girl, probably the next victim. So off we go to Redbark, to the other home these guys own, just in time to stop the poor girl from being killed like the others. It was a dang hard fight, and the Paladin guy got away. I think maybe someone else did, too. But Granny, let me tell you, I’m beginning to believe in heaven a lot more these days because after tangling with this bunch I’m convinced there is a hell! I fought the best I could, helped take down some of the bad guys, but it kills me that some of them got away.

Well, I think we’re about to talk, Granny, so I better quit writing. Don’t worry, though, unless a miracle happens it won’t be long before I come see you.


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