Thursday, September 23, 2004

A night in the the Kieran Empire

So, just in case we didn't get the fear of the Empire put into us, poor Edward had to pay for his impudence of walking around the city with a book. Although they normally ignore Kraken, they were deciding that it was a good idea to poke at me too.
I don't feel very bad for having run the arms to the rebels anymore. I don't think I did last time, but now I really don't.

I also think that we could have been in bigger trouble if we had not been careful about the Sloop this evening.... could have been worse.

I also have to be more careful with my magic points. Perhaps only charging the shot of the cannons when we are more sure to hit.



Leptopus said...

I think we should have a standard battle order for defending the sloop Dog-E-Dog (or however you spell it). Right now everyone seems to just do their own thing, which worked out okay this time, but the combat system has a lot of flexibility, and we should use that to our advantage.

Locnar said...

I would suggest NOT using your sailors as your front line. I wouldn't put them in direct harms way unless it's really needed. They aren't very good fighters, and you'll lose a lot of them that way. If you lose too many in a fight, you'll also lose any advances they gain, due to the fact that you have to hire greener crew. You might think about hiring some marines to man the guns and to anchor your battle lines.

Delphino: Stay out of hand to hand combat! Get some skills like taunt or intimidate and use those from the back lines if your magic points run out.

Womachka said...

I would agree that we need a battle plan other then just doing our own thing. We lost quite a few crew men in this last fight & I'd prefer not to bury anymore.

We took on some green pirates too. if we ever encounter pirates again we my not be so lucky to set upon such an inept band of brigands.

Protecting our Navigator & Mage seem to the high priorties in my estimation. The rest of us should focus on protecting them. Especially the mage as he is not a skilled fighter & we are going to need his insight & connections to acheive our larger goal.

Perhaps I can keep watch over Delphino & Boz can look out for our navigator. Our Captain should be free up to watch after the crew then & procect them from harm.

ps: Delphino my name is Edmund.

Delphino said...

My mis-understanding Edmund. Your visitor names are so similar in nature sometimes that I forget whom I have met and I haven't. *click* *burble* *rattle*

Our battle plans need a little sharpening, indeed. It seems as if the Masaquanni and myself seem to be good at head hunting together. Somehow we both seem to time our attacks in just the right manner to stun the opponent leaders, and then the other finishes them.

This does leave something to be desired from both of us when handing the rank & file. I was looking to improve my skills with the short knife in order to be less of a liability in this manner. My combat training from the past has grown a little rusty, but not such that I couldn't sharpen it again. I could direct some effort rather into raising the enemies Ire and Confusion...I seem to have always had a skill with that.

This of course comes with the price of not being as good a mage as I could be. A sacrifice that I am prepared to make. I will be hampered in that manner until I find a way to appease all of the elements, and that will be a bit off.

Picking up a few marines seems like a good idea. It would cut into the profits a bit, but we might be able to work through that, particularly if we decide to try and force a few Pirate trophies along the way.

I am not certain that it would be possible to keep a proper guard on the Navigator, but then telling the Scrullian anything that is in his best interest has always been a challenge.

Boze said...

Well, if anyone will be "bodyguarding" Delphino it will be me. I have vowed to see him through to the end of his quest. Although, I did like the "push them into the water and then I slice em up" plan. That worked kind of nicely. Actually, Delphino would have been fine that combat if he hadn't charged the front line. And I think that in most cases, our Musketeer can stand near the Mage in the back and, should anyone approach him, take them out with pistol or sword.
As for the Navigator, he seems more than capable of taking care of himself. I did not realize our sailors were so poor at defending themselves; we will know better next time. A couple Marines wouldn't hurt, but as far as manning the guns goes, the Twins have upped their shooting (and fighting) and are about as good as your average pirate right now. Which, by the way Brian was what those guys were: average. It's doubtful you'd find many rank-and-file pirates with much better stats. The captain may have been fierce, but we didn't give him much chance to prove it. He obviously wasn't the best pirate on the seas or he would have had a bigger boat, which was the real reason we fared so well: they didn't totally outnumber us.