Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Welcome and comments

First of all, Welcome to anyone who decided to join up.

As the GM I had a couple of hopes for the first "adventure" you guys went on. (talking about after you left the Savage Land). I was first hoping to let you set your "moral compass." I wanted it to be done quickly, under the theory that a hasty decision with out much time to think would give your gut reaction. You could have just taken your money and sailed away if you wanted to. I was pleased that you decided to help the rebels, even though it might not be in your (short-term) interest. Secondly, I wanted to give you a respect for the Keiran armed forces. They were heavily armed and well trained and they gave you a run for your money as I thought they would. Thankfully, you had perserverence and teamwork which allowed you to overcome them.


Womachka said...

I think I will use the Blogg to post my weekly plot notes for the game if people are cool with that. It will of course be from Edmunds perspective, so If I miss anything you feel is important to your character let me know & I will add it as an aside conversation. From the looks of the campaign we will all have plenty of time for side conversation while we are sailing on long voyages or traveling from location to location.

Locnar said...

Sounds like a great idea to me.

Boze said...

Hey, I had a rules idea. It occurred to me that the acing rule does, as I believe Nigel has pointed out before, have one small problem with it, namely that it makes certain numbers unrollable. For instance, if you have a d6 in a skill, you will never ever roll a 6. You may roll a five or a seven, but never six. What this means is, if I have a parry of 6 and raise it to 7, it is more difficult for a person with a d8 skill to hit me, but it is exactly the same probability for a person with a d6 skill to hit me. This seems...silly. It also means that a person with a d4 shooting skill is essentially unaffected by a -1 hit modifier. Again, you are somewhat punished for having the higher skill level. I mean overall you are better off with a higher skill, but there are still many situations where a person of a lower skill level is unaffected by things that actually affect a higher skilled person.
So, my suggestion is a simple one:

Subtract 1 from every exploded die. In other words, if I have a d6 skill and roll a six, I roll another d6 and subtract one. If I roll a 1, my total will be a simple six. If I roll a 6, my total is 11 and I roll again, subtracting one again. In this way, no numbers will ever be "skipped" by acing.


Locnar said...

I'm really for keeping it as is. Despite the little probability blips, overall I'm fine with it. I mean, if you really think having a D6 is better than a D8, no one is forcing you to buy the D8. :)