Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Fireborn-A Shawnlike game?

Shawn: I've been reading about this new RPG from Fantasy Flight games. They have a copy out at Hobby Corner. I think you should check it out. It looked really cool to me, but not my style of game to run. While reading it, it struck me as the kind of game that you would do well. It's a modern magic type game with a neat twist. You should stop by there and check it out if you get some free time.

Obviously, there's no rush for you to pick up a new game to run, but still. :)


Locnar said...

It's really just called "Fireborn" I added the rest. :)

Womachka said...

Man! I was going to pick it up just cause of the title too. With a title like that i thought it might be published by White Wolf.

We have something to look forward to in 2007 now ;)

Locnar said...

That should give him plenty of time for plotting, now shouldn't it?

Delphino said...

You are both fuckers.

Real and true fuckers *grin*