Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Things uncovered

Edmund looked at Delphino with an exasperated sigh. "Not again, he thought." The Keiran Empire was certainly not a gracious host. The city watch mocked them as they dropped in coins for the "gate tax." Still, they'd manage to uncover some interesting facts, despite the less than warm reception. Delphino chewed on a tentacle nervously, wishing that he was free to show these barbarians the full might of a Kraken mage, but the mission was too important to risk for personal satisfaction...

Things uncovered by Delphino and Edmund while researching in the Empire:

  • The horrible beings known as Octopons that both Edmund and Delphino encountered in the Flotsam Sea appear in no records before the deluge-they aren't mentioned in Kraken tales either.
  • Tressa the Red is a famed arch-mage. She retired to The Teeth shortly after the hags came, in order to research the situation on Caribdus. The Teeth can only be reached by navigating The Gullet, a treacherous waterway leading to the teeth. Tales indicate a ship that can withstand punishment and a skilled captain and crew are needed to survive it. A little magic wouldn't hurt either.
  • The magical fortress Tressa took over has 4 tests that need to be passed to gain entrance. Each test is associated with 1 of the 4 elements. No further information on the tests could be found.
  • King Amemnus possessed a sword rumored to be useful against the Hags. It was recovered by an expedition funded by Byron Baltimus, but the fleet that carried it was attacked and sacked by the famous pirate L'Ollonaise. It is presumed in his possession.
If you have any other specific questions, post them, and I'll let you know if you found anything about them.

Your friendly GM.


Boze said...

Delphino and Edmund encountered Octopons in the flotsam sea? Where were we, and when were we IN the flotsam sea? Or do you mean they encountered them seperately on two different occasions before they met on our fateful cruise? In which case, seeing as how I have been with Delphino for quite some time, was _I_ with him when he encountered the octopons? It would seem likely, unless it happened very shortly after the deluge. What's an octopon?

Locnar said...

Sorry let me clarify. Octopons are a fairly regular danger in the Flotsom Sea. Anyone who spends any reasonable amount of time there will probably run into them. They are basically ugly, hostile, slimy, humanoid squid-looking dudes.

Delphino said...

... and all visitors have to arrive through the Flotsam Sea, so those two will have probably encountered them somehow...(getting a premonition about the combined background in process.)