Friday, May 20, 2005

Gaming Next Week

Just a note to remind people:

Brian, Shawn, and Jeff, you are still on for Wednesday. We will NOT be switching days to Thursday, it will stay Wednesday.

Nigel, Tim, and Matt are on for Monday next week, then back to the regular Thursday after that, unless someone knows something I don't. That is all.


Barilas said...

Are we supposed to keep sessions completely separate?

Mostly, I'm just wondering about whether or not it's kosher to post things on this here fancy blog, or if you want things kept apart.

Boze said...

You know, that is a good question Larson. The answer is that it is okay to go ahead and post things here. The reason I am doing seperate sessions is more to focus on the individual characters for a bit than anything else. The two adventures have very little to do with each other and will only tie together at the end, and only then in a rather loose way.

Delphino said...

Yeah, I am trying to figure out if the demon will be the end point, or if the end point hasn't been completly introduced yet. I will be interested in finding out.

Boze said...

In fact, if people want to post their game logs here, that would be just fine. It would keep the other half of the group informed, and give me an idea about how the bonus xp will be split up. I reckon about 2 (possibly 3) sessions before this arc is over, and I give out game diary xp.