Monday, May 30, 2005

Vanguard Mission Log

As things get more complex, I decided it was prudent to record something of my adventures as Vanguard. I don't know where this journey will take me, but I feel like I cannot take these powers for granted. I'm currently forming my team for a run at the state assembly. Hopefully this will be the first step on the road to the White House. A mutant in the White House, now that would shake things up.

Date: (Brad help me out here)

I've been talking to American Eagle about acquiring the old super base downtown. I'm not sure if we qualify as a "super team" just yet, but a place to meet seem like a good idea.

Heard that there was gunfight, and Crusade killed White Lightning. I can't say as I'm sorry to see White Lightning go, but I can't condone Crusades methods. I might have to take him down.

The Professor brought to my attention some recent reports of people bursting into flame and burning up. A Jamaican gang called the Ogouns has taken credit. Together with the Flea, we looked up all the past victims.

  • Crysta Gayle : exotic dancer at "The Creamery"
  • Jason Bakerfield: an LAPD police detective
  • Bob Wilkins: a hacker who goes by "radioflyer"
  • Darla Chase: middle manager for yoshima corp.
  • Jengis Quan: leader of the Mongle Hoard gang
  • Alif Gradinger: a pharmaceutical scientist for Fordem Chemtech
  • John Taggart: killed outside a7-11
  • Arthur Paindragon : a rap singer
Flea looked up Wilkins on the internet. He was rumored to have developed a virus, to have been killed by black ice, and to be new to the net. We were unable to tell the veracity of these rumors.

I called some police contacts, and found out the Mongle Hoard have been taking over territory from the Tiger Claw gang in China town.

The Hooligan checked out "The Creamery." Found out that Crysta had a respitory illness last year.

The Flea investigated Taggart. Found out he ran the Pair-a-dice club, an illicit gambling place. He was charged, but the charges were dropped.

We were not able to get much on Chase, she had no close friends or family in the area.

Talked to Grandinger's widow. He was working on a secret project for work. He burst into flames while at the beach. Recently, he had skin grafts from chemical burns received on the job. Picked up some files on the job, sent them to a friend of the Prof's for analysis.

Found out that Paindragon checked into the Jim Morrison dependency clinic a while back. He used to be involved in gang activity, but that was many years ago.

I talked to Bakerfield's partner, a Detective Gehl. He said that Bakerfield was acting "itchy" right before it happened. He was investigating the Shadowfists, who basically run the drug trade in L.A. Bakerfield had the location of a possible drug factory, probably manufacturing Flame. The Shadowfists are well financed, well equipped, and employ super-powered muscle. Six years ago, they basically ended the new Guardians as a group.
Bakerfield recently had medical problems also. This is becoming a pattern.

Lastly, we went to question some Mongels about their leader, Jengis. They said it was the Ogouns who killed him. They claim he was treated recently by Dr. Black. They said that two para-medics, Gasser and Mack know where to find Dr. Black.

At this point things got out of hand. I provolked the gangers into attacking us. It was not my intention, I was just trying to project a "tough" street attitude. For some reason, I went to far. Does this have something to do with having so much power? Does power really corrupt? Maybe it was just the Irish in me. Heh. We easily dispatched them, but it didn't have to go down this way. Have to keep track of my temper. I want to display a positive public image as a mutant.

There definitely seems to be a pattern here of drugs, gangs, and strangely enough, medical problems among the victims. We will probably follow up on the Dr. Black lead next.


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Boze said...

Very good Tim. A reminder to everyone else: Things have been going quite well in each subplot, and moving along nicely. My 4 week estimate for this story arc looks to be right on track. This means that all of you who are writing game logs should be prepared to have them done after next week's session. Tim will hog all the xp otherwise. :)