Thursday, May 12, 2005

POST IT you fools!

About a month and a half ago, Tim posted some character questions for 50 fathoms. I eagerly waited to see what people would post. Finally I posted my answers, figuring I'd get the ball rolling. To this date nobody else has answered. I realize that the post in question is probably out of people's minds by now, which is why I am reminding you of it. I want to see what people write, SO DO YOUR DUTY. Besides, it's more xp, and the more you people level the longer you will keep my sorry ass alive.


Barilas said...

What is your goal in life?

Originally, my goal in life was to get to the end. I find being a horrific freak of nature isn't as much fun as some make it out to be, and my kind doesn't...blend.

However, my companions have me thinking that maybe life should serve some purpose. Perhaps a completely submerged Caribdus wouldn't be such a good thing for my kind. Maybe there is some merit to be found in the crew around me.

We think Caribdus is still drowning. How does that make you feel?

Think? Know. And I can't swim. That's how I feel.

How do you amuse yourself during long boring sea voyages?

Torturing the stowaway. It's good clean fun, and no one important gets hurt.

Also, I like to helm the ship into the occasional iceberg, just to watch the crew jump and panic. Fun times.

What's the first thing you want to do when you hit port?

Have me a drink or two, then leave port. I don't find the enjoyment in port cities that other species find - coupling is ... less painful for them.

How did you get along with your parents (if you had them!)?

Well, Daddy was never there for me. This may be because after he created my kind we killed him. I'm not sure. If that's his excuse, it's pretty weak.

Which of your companions do you like/respect the most? Which of your companions do you not like/understand? Why?

Strangely, I find myself with a deep respect for Bait. His single-minded thirst for vengeance is something that moves me. Deeply.

The humans seem well-meaning, but they don't inspire confidence in me. Caution is not always the most direct route to a favored outcome, but to explain that to them is harder than explaining to Lynn that we're going to be at sea for more than 30 minutes.

Delphino is a mystery to me. He seems to possess great power, but he remains the most disgusting creature I've ever encountered. Someday he'll learn to stop gnawing on himself. He'll learn to stop speaking while gnawing on himself. Maybe he'll at least start speaking a language I understand while gnawing on himself.

Lynn - I don't even know where to begin. Lynn is ... Lynn is my polar opposite. It rankles me. Riles the blood. It's as if he assesses each situation, determines the worst possible set of actions, and follows them. I'm afraid one day he's going to get one of us killed. Getting himself killed is one thing - getting someone else killed ... not so good.

Locnar said...

Excellent. Gold star and 2 xp.

Delphino said...

I did post mine Brad, a couple of days ago on the original post.