Monday, May 02, 2005


So, I was preparing the new character sheets for the Champs run, making them on the Hero Designer program to replace the old Heromaker sheets. I'm probably going to have to give you back your old sheets too, because a lot of you kept notes and stuff on the sheets themselves. Some people kept lists of NPCs, enemies, plot lines, etc. (In fact, I might suggest that people get themselves folders like Nigel had for our characters in his game, it may help for keeping track of notes and things) Matt, however, kept quotes on his character sheet. Just random stuff people said during the course of the game, completely without context...and they are hysterical (and mostly uttered by Jeff). I thought I would share his collection of quotables with the group:

August 14: "This may not be TOTALLY bad..." --Jeff

Sept. 4: "I was hoping you would suffer more." --Jeff

Sept. 11: "Well, yes...that particular money he stole." --Jeff

Sept. 25: "Go home you idiot." --Jeff

Oct. 24: "It's like he was gay, but no-one allowed him to get any ass." --Brad

Oct. 24: "G. Gordon Liddy finds you heartless." --Tim

I remember the context of two of those quotes...the Sept 4th was in reference to the Hooligan's punishment for attempting to murder White Lightning, and the G Gordon Liddy quote was in response to Jeff's suggestion that the gang of mutant kids squatting in the abandoned building should be evicted. If anyone remembers the context of the others, including my own, I kinda want to know. I find the Sept. 11 quote to be particularly hilarious.

Tim had one on his sheet too, which I believe was in reference to a statement Jeff made to the effect that he had hired Price to be the muscle..."To be fair, he did outsmart you. Maybe you hired him as brains." But I don't know who said it.

Funny as hell though.

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Locnar said...

I'm pretty sure I said the brains one. Pretty self centered to write down my own quote, huh? :)

I think keeping a log is a great idea, especially for campaigns. It just seems that few of us have the discipline to do it. That's why I tried assigning it to someone. Not sure how it's working, since I haven't checked. I intend to keep a log of champs on here, and see how that works.