Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bitter Justice

Vanguard mission log continued

We managed to foil some more sabotage attempts by the Idiot King. Flea thought he spotted him going into the house of mirrors. We pursued, and we almost were taken out by another of the Idiot King's deathtraps. I managed to use my powers to help me "see" the area around me. I think I haven't realized the full potiential that my powers have. I'll have to spend some time in the training room and see what else I can do.

Finally, we managed to find the Idiot King and his minions. He had a motley crew with him:

Zig-Zag-able to stretch and form his body in fantastic ways
Firefly-a shrinker who flies
Oddball-not sure what he is
Balthazar-seemed to be able to wield magic
Cryogen-able to manipulate temperature

We fought hard in the confined space of the Idiot King's control room. I convinced Zig-Zag that he was working for a homicidal maniac and he left. I didn't exactly want him to get away, but I needed to even the odds and it was the Idiot King I really wanted to catch.

I got knocked down, and Cryogen and the Idiot King escaped the control room and tried to flee. We gave chase. At just the right moment, Mason appeared from the crowd and got the drop on the Idiot King.

As I looked down at the prone form of the Idiot King, I tried to conjure up the anger I thought I'd have when we caught him. I thought of all those innocent people who died to served this maniac's plans. I imagined at this moment I would have to talk myself out of reaching down with my powers and crushing his windpipe. But I didn't need to. I realized that the Idiot King only wins if we let him change us. Just like the terrorists on 9-11, if you change, they win. Sure, I wanted revenge for all those people, but revenge has a way of eating you from the inside. Anyway, the Idiot King is such a sad individual, pity is my natural emotion more than burning hatred.

I guess I'll just have to settle for bitter justice.

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