Thursday, August 04, 2005

My Failure part 1

I have failed everyone. It is apparent now that my bad choices are having negative impacts on the people I care about as well as the innocents who get in their way. I look down at the two latest victims of my failure, the grounds keeper & headman at the Ramirez estate, I cannot help but feel shame. In addition, Anita who I do care about. Tied up to watch these acts of evil committed on those closets to her. The very potion that was to help her plight that she toiled over gone. My bad call to get involved with her. I put her in extreme danger. How could I let this happen? Nicademus……..It all started with Nicademus.
I don’t know if it is potential that Mason sees in me or if it’s that I’m a loose cannon in his eyes, but Mason has decided to take me under his wing so to speak. He is a very well educated man that has insight into magic & the occult. He is well studied I guess it’s because of his passion for writing. Anyway, Trauma spoke with him about helping cure the affliction Nicodemus suffered with. It was killing him & his Hippocratic oath did not allow Trauma to just let this happen if he could help. Therefore, Mason brought me in to help him with his research. I think I was more of a distraction to his work then his help but it was a nice gesture to let me in on this. What we found disturbed me on many levels. We found that Nicodemus suffered the way he did because he took the fast path to learning magic. I don’t know what all this entails but it caused him to suffer from a sickness that is slowly killing him. I have to wonder if I was on my way down that path before the Jerhima Gabriel intervened on my behalf. With all that is going on now, I wonder if he was too late. "We" did a bit more research & discovered another who suffered from this same affliction. Anita Ramirez who had transformed herself into gold in order to save her life actually lived nearby. Mason, Trauma and I decided to pay her a visit. For some reason mason was obsessed with getting her an expensive gift to win her over. Not sure why. Does he underestimate my ability to woo a girl or what? Anyway, after a brief visit with her I had a date. Mason was down a gold Tiara & Trauma was confused about what we needed to do. Through her studies we learned of a cure & we needed to fetch the following ingredient to make it work. The Heartsblood of the Churnibog Demon, The Gem of Amora, & the Ashes of a Vampire. Mason & Trauma went on their way as I had my way with Anitia. Never slept with a solid gold woman before. I think Mason was a little miffed about what he missed. He seemed a little grumpy when he had to pick me up at her place the next day. We had work to do though & were off. It was at this time that I started to receive calls from Edgar Winter. It seemed at first that all he wanted was to prank me. So shortly after running away with my refrigerator. We arrived at the home of one Mr. Toad. His man, is very good at what he does. He was not going to let us in. Even my charm was met with a blank look.. Finally, after many negotiations we were let in. However, we had to address Mr. Toad in writing. Eventually we spoke with Toad. He decided that in order for him to help us locate & get the Heartsblood from the Churnibog we would have to travel to Scotland & visit his uncle & convince him to return with us to give Toad the chance to be cured. Everyone I run into seems to be afflicted with something. What are we getting ourselves into?
More to come later

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