Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My Failure Part II

Part II
Adrian Vandleur, the most powerful member of a whole magic family according to Toad is currently laying low in Scotland. He as taken the form of a teenage boy so that he does not draw much attention to himself & seems happy to remain hidden. At least that’s what we found out when we came knocking on his door. So the plan was in order to get the information we needed about the Churnibog Demon, we would have to convince "young" Adrian to come back & see Toad. So our plan was to pretend to be American tourist whose car broke down in the middle of nowhere. In order to make this seem even more convincing Mason took the battery to my cell phone so they it would seem that we needed to walk to get other assistance. We arrived about a ½ mile outside of the castle Vandeleur was staying. Mason flattened the tire & we hiked the rest of the way to the castle. Mason & Trauma fought like cats & dogs the whole way there. The strange thing about our little team here is we seem to work well together despite ourselves. Perhaps the infighting gives us some insight that would normally be lost to us. I’m just gonna sit back & let them fight it out cause well……it seems to be working out..
We arrived at the castle & were greeted by a doorman. Perhaps that’s what I need is a doorman to keep an eye on things when I’m not at home. It might save on unwanted visitors anyway. We told the man of our plight. He let us in & summoned young Adrian to come with him to fix the tire. Mason, while on the way back to the car let a few hints out of the bag & soon Mr. Vandleur sent his doorman back to the castle. He proceeded to question us about why we were, really, here & we filled him in on the Toad situation. He was not happy. In fact, he was prepared to kill us; outright when he recognized me as the one some have been calling the chosen one. I still don’t understand this chosen one stuff. In fact, I’m starting to get a little fed up with it. Everyone in the magic community either wants me dead or to test my metal to see if I’m good enough in their eyes to be the chosen one. I got a tattoo slapped on me & now I am supposed to be some kind of miracle. The Society of the Silver Sunrise wants me dead. Kane decided after what I would call an unfair test wanted me dead. Harrington after I walked away from his tests & manipulations wants me dead. Now, Adrian Vandelur had decided to fight me to the death. He wants to kill my friends too. It’s a good thing for them I got charm. I convinced Vandelur that we would fight. If I win, we walk & he goes with us to see Toad. If I lose, he kills me & brain wipes the other two. I hope he is a trustworthy sort. So after a few volleys with my magic (I wasn’t even gonna try my ego blast. He’s a magician. He has to have some mental defense) I realized the fight was going nowhere. He was whittling away at my defenses & I was going to lose this fight. So, learning from the Hooligan how to impress a Scotsman. I turned up my strength & got into & out & out brawl with Vandelur. After knocking, him down a few times, he finally decided to give up.
Vandelur agreed to meet us in china town in a few days while we worked on getting information from someone Mason knew called Facet. Yet another afflicted individual who was absolutely off his rocker. If I’m learning the right lesson here the tattoo of mine is slowly going to take over & drive me nuts? So, I have that going for me…. Facet was our connection to the Gem of Amora. It seems that this group called the Triad somehow got superpowers from fragments of the Gem of Amora placed in each of their hands. They were currently on a job for Facet in Monte Carlo. Something about a big diamond shipment? We made a deal with Facet that we intended to break later I found. I’m not sure if I like the idea of that but since Mason & Trauma seemed insistent upon it. I didn’t have much choice but to agree. We were supposed to let them steal the diamonds for facet & then take the triad down. As I predicted this was going to turn bad for us later. A lesson I learned the hard way dealing with Harrington. So we arrived in Monte Carlo & the hotel where the robbery was to occur. We managed through speaking with the hotel concierge that the diamonds were in the safe & that only she & one other hotel employee, who was not in at the hotel at the time, had the combination. So as long as we kept her safe. We would be fine. This did not work out as planned. I arranged a date with her using my unnatural charm & appeal to yet again to my advantage. I then set out to look for Triad. They had to be in the hotel somewhere. Unfortunately, we left the wrong person guarding the front. Trauma didn’t recognize the Triad until they were leading my date away with a little mind control of their own. Fortunately, Trauma was loud when he started the fight. I wondered why he didn’t call me for back up. However, Trauma works in mysterious & strange ways I don’t understand much of the time. By the time Mason & I arrived, Trauma was about had. From out of nowhere, something right hooked me in the jaw. One Two……. Hey, where’s their third guy? I quickly conjured up my lights of Luiathon to make out friend fully visible. Mason began pumping bullets into the big guy. Eventually between the 3 of us we managed to take them down. Between my healing & Traumas strength we managed to pull the gems out of their hands without killing them. We have the Gems/Gem of Amora. Score one for our team.

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