Monday, December 10, 2007

Dear Granny, letter 1

Dear Granny:

The bartender at the Slush told me the best way to get past a serious personal problem is to talk about it with someone you trust. I’m writing to you because you were the only one I knew that I could turn to when things were going crappy.

I got hooked up with my old buddies again, after a long time working for the lady I can’t talk about. Maybe someday I’ll tell you about her, but I can’t just now. I got caught up in a mess trying to help them out, I went to tell them that a bad guy organization called VIPER was out to kill them all, and ended up in a battle with another bad guy bunch called DEMON.

Yeah, DEMON. They had a bunch of zombies and other baddies, and the dead guys were controlled by this voodoo lady names Madame Entienne or some such name. Seemed like a Haitian.

Anyway, we beat them somehow, and ended up with 18 dead bodies to clean up. But that ain’t the worse, see, she put a spell on me, said I was gonna die in 5 weeks, and she tried to bargain with the team to break the spell and save her own hide. I wouldn’t let them do it, and told her that I’d rather kill her myself and die than let her go free.

But my friend Durante, he’s got mind powers, he did something for me. He gave me a vision somehow. Well, it was pretty horrible, actually, because I had this long painful dream about dying in the worse way. I mean, it’s like I was actually THERE. If you put me on a Bible and asked, I’d swear I was there. But then the baby Jesus came down from Heaven and saved me, gave me another chance.

But that was a vision, Granny. They explained it, sort of, afterwards. But I don’t know if it worked. I’m still dying, Granny. I can feel it.

But that’s my own problem, right? I got to figure this one out on my own. We took the bad guys to jail, even one of the good guys that came to give us some key that DEMON was after. He killed a bunch of people, burned one of the “witches” and wanted to kill the voodoo lady too. I think he was cut loose and sent back to Europe, but dang that’s just not right.

Well, then we went out to the morgue to check up on some dead girls that Hooligan had some papers on. Something wasn’t quite right and we needed to do our own autopsies. I went with Hooligan and Trauma, snuck in and did an autopsy using my doctor friend. I found some weird things, Granny. Later on we figured out that these poor girls were killed with stab wounds, and each one was bring altered to look like the same person. Plus, there was a sliver of metal from a middle ages era brass weapon in one of them. Her wounds looked like they could have been made by a great cat, and her wrists may have been bound in leather when she died. Sounds gruesome, Granny. Plus there were fibers from a Persian rug of all things!

Well, I got to get back to work. I’m running a math problem to calculate the most likely places the bodies were dumped. I’ll catch you later!

You know what? I know you’ve been dead for 10 years, but talking like this really helps. Look for more letters soon!

Your Granson,


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