Sunday, December 16, 2007

High "Society"

I have to admit, I have a lot more questions than answers regarding what has happened today. The puzzle pieces slid together easily enough once we had them. A wealthy couple disappears from notice the same time a series of serial murders begin to take place. It almost has the feel of stumbling on this information by accident. Without aid from a "benefit" that I happened to be in attendance and vital info from Witchcraft who just happened to be at our base, I fear we never would have gotten to the bottom of all this. It was no surprise that this horrid ritual involved a group of mortal enemies of mine. I do have to agree with Vanguard, that we have stumbled upon some creepy mystical crap. The “Society,” seems to be involved in some ritual that is going to bring back someone or something. They had a girl & we are still unsure if her involvement in this is voluntarily or not. She is still alive, which is more than I can say about the poor girls that came before her. Who or what are they trying to bring back. The forensic evidence seem to suggest the girls were mutated to have some of the same features before they were murdered. I should not say before they murdered themselves. My hope lies in the idea that they did not do this by choice. I did however see the woman that we currently rescued in some sort of ritual about to take her own life. I may have to get inside her head in order to be sure that she will not do something strange like try to take her own life again. Of course, two of the main suspects fled the scene. I guess I know where to find them eventually. Once our team has the means & the strength I hope to rid the city of LA of The Society of the Silver Sunrise. Black Paladin and Witchcraft’s sister were the key players in this ritual. Were they controlling the girls mind? Like I said a lot of questions. I hope soon to get a lot of answers. I have a feeling that they won’t come together as easily as finding the next potential victim in Red Bark. Also, what happened to the owners of the home the ritual was taking place? Are they involved? There is something about their story that does not quite add up either. Perhaps I have found the secret identities of some super villains. How fitting that would be considering that I was able to piece some of this info together by recognizing a resemblance between Witchcraft and her sister. A sister I first saw when I was staking out the base of our, “Beloved” Society. I didn’t realize it, but I also saw Black Paladin & Griffon that evening. So how do the French guy & the werewolf fit into all of this then? Will we catch them at a later date trying to perform the same ritual on some young helpless girl in the future? I repeat I have a lot more questions than answers surrounding this. It is almost as confusing as figuring out my tattoo. Although, my new, “heavenly light,” did aid in getting Black Paladin out of the picture today. I am both excited and terrified at discovering what my new powers will bring. The member of Demon said that I may be able to activate “Daath.” Looking at the biblical reference of this scares the hell out of me. Am I a walking key to the abyss? Will coming into my powers bring us one step closer to the war that is bound to happen? I grow tired of questions for now. I have to decide if I am strong enough to handle the answers.

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