Monday, December 03, 2007

Who Are My Allies Anyway?

The day started simply. A meeting to discuss what our team had pending. We had our slew of usual projects. The “Endicot” problem. Hooligan & some mission with the local police. I mentioned the need to find Michael. I was of course blown off in getting any help with that. When the war comes we will not be ready without him & yet nobody takes me seriously. Vanguard told me this was a personal problem. Are not all of the missions we go on personal problems of some kind or another? I really have no vested interest on a personal level with Hooligans cops or Endicott yet here I am putting my neck on the line for their interest & getting blown off in return.
I do have to admit that I find myself sounding like some kind of, Holy Roller Quack,” whenever I mention what it is I need to get accomplished. If I were in there shoes, I might also think the same thing. Perhaps this is what caused Kane to go, Bug Nuts,” & start killing people who don’t follow his agenda.
Anyhow, Legion showed up to let us know that we had made some serious enemies with, “Viper.” They plan to hit us hard in the near future & we need to watch out backs. Great! Just one more group that is after me now! Let’s see I now have: Viper, Demon, Society of the Silver Sunrise, Endicott & his thugs…… am I forgetting anyone who wants me dead besides old girlfriends?
After an annoying visit by Foxbat another problem of mine shows up. Jeremiah Gabriel & Brother O’Brien arrive & need our help. Apparently, since receiving the heart of the Demon that Mason, Trauma & I recovered, the Vatican has been under attack. I did try to explain that we do not have the resourced to guard this when Vanguard interrupts & tells them flat out “No.” We can’t keep it here. Also, what is up with Mason. Ever since my friends arrived he is suddenly feeling sick and has to be excused? He did return but only after Vanguard had already made up his mind that Freedom League was not going to touch this project. Then Gabriel informs us how bad things are in LA. Apparently a bunch of big wigs in Demon are gathering here. Gathering like it is time for something to happen. It was about then that Demon attacked us. Zombies, Demon Warriors, & several Witches pounded our base & several members of the team. We were able to fight them off but the battle was messy. Then Gabriel started killing people. We were able to talk him down eventually but not until after some were already dead. I must find a way to prove to Gabriel that killing is not the answer. Hooligan, could also use this lesson.
I’ve decided that regardless of Vanguard’s opinion I am going to take on the Demon heart. There really is no other choice.
Sgt. Eagle mentioned when I asked him to join what our declaration of principles is. I had no idea what to tell him. What kind of a group are we without one? I think we should help others doing the right thing at all costs. Although, I don’t approve of Gabriels methods, I do think he is fighting a worthy battle against the forces of evil. If Vanguard & the others don’t agree with this then perhaps it is time for me to part ways with the Freedom League.

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