Friday, September 09, 2005

Brownie points from GM?

Aeryn’s Personal Journal

i aksd vowkrad if him wood touch me 2 rite n red he sed sher n him giv me paypur sed pracks ritin so i am rite JOURNAL so if i di maeb famli no wat hapnd but ritin hardr thin luks i tri tho
met vowkrad n Conrad n ofrad (al hum nam nd in rad) inn undagart n meen dorf 2 y dorfs meen? nevr met 1 b4 but fowks rite dorfs meen n steenci dorf allas wan fite but nevr cil notn muts atac us inn udagart n ofrad sayv da but git hut ofrad allas git hut reel bad inn fites 2 brayv 2 run i gis but git he cil sumda
newa beestmin wir cum 2 ton so we had 2 leef i sed wood skut ahed 4 dayngir but nevr san e but grane moshurad runn oft at nite we fund hir but kinfowk fund furst n sed wich but ofrad tockd em owt o it he is grayt hum hiro i wand 2 go wi kin but i 2 scart them aks wer me yoonit is so i leef
gon 2 midnhem but on wa sigmar prest fatr ditrchrad di n giv ofrad ikn cus he mowst hiro n tayk 2 midnhem teple but shud lestn 2 kinfowk cus them rite grane WUS wich n runn oft agin 2 sumn deemn but we cil hir dorf tri fite agin but ofrad n conrad cil wulvs n me n vowkrad cil grane but he and ofrad git chewd up lik ofrad allas dus
newa we git 2 midnhem n yuk siti no lik hum siti but haf help ofrad or him git cild so i go inn n him giv prest ikn n prest git asss sassn asasas cild bi mistry so we sa we fin ciler cilr cil dorf 2 stowl map n cil hum gard n stowl buk bad corn majik n cil wich huntr ordo fidellis gerhardrad crom n o ya them wus scavn n stowl ikn 2 but we trac em in sewr yuk steenc wurs thn dorf but we fin affr mani tri I cil gard but hums noysi so otter scavn atac us dorf lik 2 pla wit krosbo but him nevr hit achly him nevr hit wit hamer edder newa ofrad agin cil mani scavn n agin almos git cild but tho wund reel bad downt runn lucci me n vowkrad cil scavn poysnr b4 him poysn conrad dorf kep a scavn bizzy how we lous bird war?
we no fin ikn or buk or map so vowkrad sa him thenk humi culltis in leeg wit scavn
we innvi envess insiga chek otter prests at teple no luc but ulrek prest tel ofrad dreem corn bras scul mayk dayngr so we sa we go 2 wer prest sas n we du n on wa I aks vowkrad touch me ritn n redn I wan lern mor speeks langs ned 2 red
wen git 2 plas BIG beesman wit BIG horns gard scairi mund I shout him hed tice but cors ofrad cild it n dorf hu sed i cowrt no tuch big beesman but him sond horn n sumn mor beesman n we runn inn mund n hid der blod monsers in mund tri cil us n evn tho ofrad bad hert stil no runn i ned git him betr armr or he di but we win lucci then blud fontin rum wit seecrit dor n blud verry scariy n herty but dorf cal me cowrt so i fin dor n git hert bi blud it sukd but cant let dorf no i am afeerd but him rite i am cowrt i tri not be tho but wish i cud go bac hom but cant

The previous post is brought to you and the GM in hopes of earning some brownie points from the GM. I plan to keep giving a log of the game, and while I don't want xp exactly, I was hoping to eventually earn the opportunity to aquire certain items in the future for my efforts. First, however, I would like to earn the read/write skill for keeping a log for this run. The main reason for that is I would like to write the log in character, but I would like to eventually make it LEGIBLE and READABLE so if the gm okays it I will gradually improve the writing style until it doesn't hurt to write and read it. :)

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Delphino said...

This is horrendously painful to read Brad.

But full of promise and good stuff. I have to wince when I say...

keep it up? *wince*