Thursday, September 29, 2005

More Journal

Nu day

We wint too the tempull of Ullrick too git or reewerd. It wuz a terbul reewerd. Not gus the munny. Wich suked. We wuz allmos kilt bi a mew tant. I allmos ternd intoo a mew tant! The preest gav us wine too drink butt odo done drink wine he drink wattir. I wont wattir too, nevvir drink wine wen not with kin. Butt wattir wuz poysend! Sumwon putt warpston in the wel. Odo drink the wattir and begin too konnvuls…I wuz bowt too drink too butt Odo flaylled his arms and noked mi glas out of mi hand. And his arms ternd intoo testiculls! He ternd intoo a horybull mew tant with fangs and bigg testiculls, and he ataked mi and the uthirs with his testiculls, trid too kil uss! We had too kil porr odo. I cud hav did too if I had dranken the wattir! I wil nevvir evvir drink humin drinks orr eet humin fud agin. I wil onli eet wut I hunt and gather miself. Cant truss humins.
I don unnerstan it. Wi do thay fite eechuthir? Thay sel thimselvs too kayoss, it don make no sens. Hummins put warpston in the wel! Not beestmen or skayvin. I no this cuz we tokked too mani peepull bowt it. We tokked too the hi preest of the tempull and he tolled us too gard the wels from kulltis. We tokked to the wich huntirs, and thay sed thay wood help us gard the wels. Thay al seem to think a hummin person wakked in oft the street and put poysen in the wel.
We cant gard al the wels tho, so we deesid to split up. Wel, thay deesid. I sed that if I want to weekin the citi for atak, I wood poysen the citi gard furst. Then hu wood fite the mew tants? Thay wood be the mew tants! So I sed we gard wel kloset too the mane gars hows. Conrad wan too git coch and rid rown too eech wel on putroll, butt I say it is too reski, wut if we mis the bad gies went hay cum? I sed I wood sta rite at the saym wel al nite. Conrad, he tri to rint a coch, butt thay laf at him. He cant aford too bie a coch, so he wan to bie a kart, butt no hors. So then he gos to a staybull too rint a hors! I sed he wuz crayzee, wy wood yu bie a kart and rint a hors? Wut wood we do with the kart affer? He deesid I am rite, and he and the dorf wil putroll wile me and volkrad and ulfrad stay at the wel.
Of cors I am rite, cuz affer midnite, sum crayzee hummin tride too dropp a bag of warpston in the wel. Lukky the dorf wuz happin bi at the tim. I shooted an arro in too the kulltis hand and make him dropp the bag, then the dorf takkld him and ulfrad nokked him owt.
We serch him and kweston him and find a mapp too his seekrit lare. Then the dorf terns him ovver too the citi gard and the bag too the wich hunters wich I sed mabe bad ide cuz wut if they is lires and ar seekrit kulltis too?
Butt I hav no say, I follo mapp bak too the lare wich is in a werehows abanned. I skowt it, no sine of peepull. Wen rest of groop git there, we go in and serch more and find stare to seekrit lare. There is a tunel and peepull with krosbos shooted at us, but I shooted won and ulfrad and conrad kilt the othir. Butt there wuz mor, and they boss wuz a bad wizzerd hu tride to kill us with bad majik. I shooted him too, we all kilt the bad gies. Sept won, we keep fore trile. We find evvidens of the bad kult down there.
Affer that, me and dorf sed we go tel gards and wich huntirs abot it, and go to runn oft. Butt wen we git owtsid, peepull ar pannikt in the street.

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