Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Listen up!

Nigel has had a death in the family, and will not be able to make the game on Thursday. I am unable to be in person, but can be in contact via IM. It's up to Matt if he wants to run his game or not.

Either way, the front door will be locked at Nigel's but the first person can go around to the side door and let everyone in.


Barilas said...

Well, umm, that's quite a bit of suckage.

I'm open for suggestions. I mean, I don't want to run if more than one person is missing, which technically wouldn't be the case. Also, as I understand things, we'll be missing on the 13th, right? And probably again close to ICON? Right?

I dunno. If the rest of you are up for it, I'll run on Thursday. No problem. If anyone has some sort of objection, though, I'll cancel.

How's that?

Locnar said...

Pretty much up to you I think. It's tougher on the GM than players.

Delphino said...

Yeah, up to you really.

Either way let us know... I can bring board games that you are itching to try if need be.

Barilas said...

Well, then, I think I'll plan on running. We'll see how it goes.