Friday, July 01, 2005

Blood Sucking Fiends

Vanguard Mission Log:

I was waiting on top of the warehouse, when this really freaky guy comes at me. I later found out he is a monster hunter named Ebonfire. He yells "Duck!" I ducked. He then toasted a Vampire who was sneaking up behind me. After a brief thanks, I look down to see Mason, Trauma andTripleforte on the ground by the warehouse. I let them know our teammates are about to become Vampire snacks and tell Trauma to make us door.

Well, I was glad to have some of the mystic types around to help us with Vamps. Well, the battle got underway. I didn't seem to be able to do much to the bloodsuckers with my TK, so I decided to try and draw some gunfire toward me and off of the others. Seemed to work for a while.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Mason, Ebonfire, Trauma and Tripleforte seemed to be doing well. I thought Flea and Hooligan might be in a little trouble, but I figured the best think I could do was keep the Vamps with the hand cannons off of them. I managed to smash a couple with some boxes, I think maybe the wood hurts them.

We managed to overcome most of the Vampires. I'm not sure how effective my powers were, but I hope I managed to take some heat of the others.

Then we found out the bad news. Seems one of the head vamps was able to mind control Flea and find out all about us, including secret ID's and all. I can't blame Flea, but it's something that we are going to have to deal with as soon as possible. It could totally ruin me.

Well, after talking to the Mystic types, we were able to put together some theories. The warehouse is owned by some ex-Mafia types, who joined up with the Shadowfists rather than be destroyed with the rest of the Mob. Justin Grishom took over other parts of the old Mob as well. So it looks like we have some Shadowfists looking exist as immortal Vampires. Great.

After delivering the some stuff for the Mystics, we are summoned to the park by the cops because of a bomb. Doesn't sound too bad....

Vanguard Mission Log Supplemental:

Approved the final plans for the base renovation. Doing a big computer update and adding in a lot of security cameras. Have a nice secret enterance under the street, so that none of our identities can be comprimised. Mason asked if he could reside at the base. I wasn't my intention for us to live there, just to rally there. I thought about it for a while, and I guess it would be good to have a team member there to handle things.


Boze said...

As a note, your last bit about the Mafia is not entirely accurate. I think you blurred two pieces of information into one. The Vampire Mobsters are actually remnants of the Mafia who DID NOT join the Shadowfists; they voluntarily became vampires to protect themselves. Some of the Mafia families did get taken over by the Shadowfists; these people are still alive and under Justin Grisham's command.

Locnar said...

Ahh, Thanks for the correction. My notes were a little fuzzy there.