Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Seeing Stars

Vanguard mission log:

Assault on the Terminal.

We sent Flea in to do recon, but we lost radio contact with him, so we drove through the front gates and attacked. Had to fight some mercs known as the Raiders.

Bullet: highly trained normal with high tech weapons
Starseer: wired looking guy with laser-like powers, maybe an Alien
Big John: Giant fighter
The Exterminator: Half man Half machine with high tech weapons

Things didn't start out so good. I got blinded by a grenade and then something hit me, I'm not sure what. When I woke up, I expected to see us getting defeated. I don't mean that arrogantly, it's just that things didn't look very good when I went down. Turns out, Flea showed up, and the rest of the team hung together well. Trauma was taken out, but Hooligan and Tripleforte were still slugging. Tripleforte seems to be a lot more resilient than he looks. I had a hard time fighting Big John, but with teamwork we prevailed. I look at this as a great victory, because we were able to pull together and overcome adversity.

We investigated the Terminal. No good clues found in the complex. Then Tripleforte discovered a fake tank that lead to an underground facility. We spread out and searched it. There was a lot of high tech equipment, but we really couldn't make much out of it. Next thing we know, Trauma is calling out. I get there and some Thing is strangling him. It looked like a man shaped blob of evil pudding. Meanwhile, other team members were dealing with a metal woman known as Chrome. We managed to overcome both enemies, but not before Trauma was strangled and I got a broken arm when Tripleforte came flying in and crashed into me. I wasn't expecting it, and wasn't able to deflect the blow.

We managed to find out a good amount of information.

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