Thursday, July 14, 2005

Some other game stuff I wanted to get to

Nigel: The Flea wanted to talk to Memorysmith or someone else at Project: Lifeline about the whole vampires and mutants thing. It is suggested to you that Dr. Helena Amory, the head of the department of Metahuman Studies at UCLA would be a good person to ask. She is an expert in superhuman genetics and mutant biology, and has been helpful to them in the past. Another possibility is Dr. Philadelphia Ryan, the head of the Horizon Institute which deals with the unique medical and psychological problems of superhumans.

Shawn: You wanted to ask the same questions from a different angle, and wanted to ask Ebonfire about it. While Brian may not recall her, his character will certainly recall Lynda Crighton, the owner of the Nightengale Bookery, an occult bookstore that has a number of mystical texts as well as selling various anti-monster paraphenalia including stakes such. She seemed to be pretty knowledgeable about occult matters, and even forgave him for trying to stab her to death (she seemed to understand how it happened). Ebonfire is just not that knowledgeable about the lore as you would want your advocate to be; and while you yourself are probably the best expert you know on things occultish you wanted another expert witness to back you up and she might just fit the bill.

Brian: You wanted to ask about getting your own radio show. This is possible. However, the station is not entirely sure that the format would have the appeal needed. They want you to generate some publicity buzz before you go on the air. To that end, they have you meet with producer Ron St. John, who makes the tv show "To Save the World", and superhero soap opera. An amusement park is opening up soon with a "To Save the World" theme, and he thinks you can both help each other. Having a real superhero team there will generate buzz for the opening, and you can use the occasion to announce your show thus gaining the attention of all the fans and media folks. However, until they are sure the format works, they are going to have you do a 1/2 hour segment at the end of the "Ragin Gail Kelso" show; she is a popular personality who is pretty much the opposite of Fitzwater (the reason you chose this station in the first place).

Finally, you all were waiting to hear back from Ebonfire about the Vampire situation. He and Moonsilver have been working on it, but they know very little about LA being mainly New Yorkers. So, they hired a private detective, an Abel Giantino, a tall man in his early 50's with light brown hair and hazel eyes, very much with an aura of confidence and competence. He has certain knowledge of the seamier side of LA, and tells you what his investigations have turned up:

Lucia Pacciola is the daughter of Dominic Pacciola, who was consiglieri for the Scatucci mafia family until he was killed by the Shadowfists. To all appearances she was not involved in any of her fathers activities; she seemed to want nothing to do with the mafia. She got a degree in law, and while in college she met Dr. Alexander Thomas, a professor of egyptology whom she began a relationship with. Giantino suspects that she may have been turned into a vampire by Dr. Thomas; there is evidence to suggest he was a vampire. He was arrested on charges of assault and burned up in his cell when morning came along. He was in some way associated with the New Guardians; he lived in their house. He and Lucia had some kind of falling out after an incident involving an assasination by Demise of a Morelli family underboss at "Pappa Caccitore's" may have been the night he turned her into a vampire. At least, she never saw him or spoke to him again after that.

For reasons unknown, she seemed to change her mind about being involved with the family business, especially after her father was killed by Synapse. It is likely she began turning other members of the Scatucci family into vampires, it made them completely immune to the powers of Synapse and Demise as well as made them more able to fight back. She became the nominal head of the family and was able to keep control of many Scatucci enterprises, such as waste disposal, dockworkers, certain unions, smuggling, and a small territory near the waterfront.

Things he knows about connected to her operation:

Phil Mariani: chief steward of the tile layers and workers union.
Los Angeles Flower Market: In Venice Beach, run by Michael "Tulips" DeAngelo, the flower market is basically held hostage by the mob.
Viva Italiana: Restaurant is half owned by Mickey "Numbers" Tosconi, a caporegima in the Scatuccis. Other half is owned by Charles Harmon, who is likely mobbed up as well.
Andy Polevski: Assistant harbormaster, I'm pretty sure he is "friends" with several Scatucci associates.
Councilman Joseph Ruggiero: no proof, but word on the street is he's mobbed up and will take bribes from just about anyone.
Club 20: Recently purchased in the last few years by Anthony "Drummer Boy" Lambesti, a Scatucci captain, this club seems to be a source of ecstasy and other like drugs.
The Fish Market: The president of the association is Aldo "the Fish" Cardinale, a high ranking caporegima, and is totally corrupted by mob influence. (ask if you want details)

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