Sunday, July 24, 2005

Introducing: The Freedom League!

Vanguard mission log:

We were detained by the L.A.P.D's P.A.R.T. squad. I let them know the situation. The owner of Allied Chemicals showed up. At first we thought it was Justin Grishom, but it turns out to be his twin brother Raymond Grishom. He said he didn't know about the lab below the Terminal. He says some of his employees were recently assassinated by a paranormal with sonic powers. After some more discussion and presentation of evidence, he gets us released. He has one condition: that we contact him if we run into his brother again.

Mr. Grishom gave us a ride home. We were discussing the groups name and such, and he told us that he used to sponsor the New Guardians. We discussed him becoming our sponsor as well, and I think we will try it for a while. I've been providing a lot of the capital for the group, but it might be better to lesson my profile so it isn't as easy to trace it back.

We talked about names. It was a little heated, but I think we settled on one. We shall now be known as The Freedom League! I think it has a nice ring to it.

Mason and Forte went to the interrogate prisoners from the park bombing. When they arrived the power was out. A group who announced themselves as "Image" broke out Lodestone. They left a manifesto. They claim to be a group of mutants who "will now allow mutants to be subject to the laws of humans." This is exactly what I don't need. I believe in rights for mutants, but I don't intend for them to be above the law. I understand that desperate times will drive people to desperate measures, but I fear a confrontation is in our future.

Forte wanted us to make an appearance at "Omegaworld," a superhero themed amusement park. We didn't even get in the door when screams start coming from the carousel. It started spinning faster and faster, threatening to throw people off in all directions. With some good teamwork we manage to get everyone off. Next, a ride called "Bullet Train" starts going incredibly fast. There was a message that said if the train was stopped, it would blow up a bomb. I left Mason and the rest down at the control room, while Flea and I went up to the train. We searched for the bomb but could not find it. I was thrown off the train. When I managed to return, Flea asked me to move some people out of the train car. There was a massive explosion...

I didn't know how I managed to survive, but I was told it was through the quick thinking of Trauma. Everyone on board was killed. I haven't had time for this tragedy to sink in yet. When I have time for reflection I'm sure it will be painful. Right now, I just want to get the bastard responsible.

The group headed over to another ride. Inside we hear a familiar voice: The Idiot King. I should have known a scheme this demented would be his. We fight off some robotic knights, but no sign of Idiot King.

To be continued

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