Thursday, July 14, 2005

Info from Chrome's Brain, and other aftermath

I didn't have time last night to fill Brian in on what he got out of reading Chrome's mind or wrap things up as much as I wanted to, so I figured that I would just go ahead and post it here. It will probably be more complete and easily recalled this way anyhow. In fact, there was some other information that some players had requested to get that I had planned on getting to last night, but the fight went longer than I thought it would. I may post some more stuff after this one just to keep things rolling, I want to try to get done in the next four weeks. Anyway:

Dr. Kimberly Chase, or Chrome, is working in this secret lab for several different reasons. She is not on the payroll of Allied Chemicals. She agreed to work on something called Project: Helios in exchange for having this lab set up for her and all the materials she would need, plus a steady supply of heavy-metal salts and minerals which she needs to ingest to live; stuff the company can supply easily with little notice. Project: Helios is trying to create some kind of an "ultra-plasma" substance which can channel and control tremendous amounts of heat. This substance has already been created and tested, although it has so far proved to be unstable and vulnerable to low temperatures, and she is working on a way to fix these problems. The test involved was the "accident" at the chemical plant that turned Maria Spiros into Phosphorous. It was not an accident at all but a deliberate test to see what effect it would have if a human was exposed to it. Chrome does not know who actually arranged the accident, but she suspects it was a man she knows only as Photon, a superhuman for whom Project: Helios is being developed. Chrome used to work at the Horizon Inst. before she became a criminal, and she has been trying to set up a system here in the lab to contain Phosphorous like the one they have there; she has been planning to kidnap her from the Horizon Inst. and bring her here to conduct tests on her.

She has had contact with Photon only a few times, she does not know why he has the ability to pull strings at Allied Chemicals the way he does. She does know that only a very few employees know about her, her lab, and her project; mostly the upper management (including the President, Terrence Martins) and a few select employees like the 4 security specialists who rotate shifts guarding the lab while she works. She theorizes that either Photon is one of those people in disguise (though she doubts it, she has seen Photon with many of them at the same time), he has some kind of blackmail power over Martins (or threats to harm him/family?), or he has some kind of other deal worked out with Martins.

Why is she doing this? Because she also is allowed to use the lab to work on her own projects. The mutations she triggered in herself by injecting herself with Alloy's blood have not stopped; she continues to mutate and is worried that she may develop the same disease that killed Alloy. She has been kidnapping people and bringing them to this lab to perform experiments on them designed to further her theories on inducing paranormal abilities, as well as find a way to understand her own. Most of her subjects are now dead, but one experiment in trying to create a regenerative serum resulted in the creation of Ooze, who she is keeping alive until she can figure out a way to refine it. He is quite mad from the transformation, but does not seem to be aware of his madness. She plans to eliminate him when she has learned all she can from him. She believes him to be safely contained in one of the tubes in the auxiliary lab.

Okay, I think that's about it for what can be gotten from her brain, if you have any further questions go ahead and ask.

As far as other things you discover while searching the place, Ooze seems to have killed the security guard on duty and stashed him in the generator room. Power to his containment vessel was temporarily interrupted very recently, allowing him to escape before the backup generator took over. Perhaps it was when Vanguard cut the relay box outside.

From the stuff that Vanguard went through in the administrative building, none of the employees that work at the Terminal know about the lab. All business is legitimate although sometimes the chemical deliveries are wrong or come at odd times. The manager has sent several memos recommending that the place be decomissioned and a more modern and efficient facility replace it; these memos have been ignored.


Womachka said...

Do we get any evidence to back these claims up off her computer? If she is guilty of kidnapping people & doing experiments where are these people. Do we find any remains. I would like to find a reason for bringing her to justice. Anything along those lines would be useful.

Boze said...

The answer to that question is YES. The computer files contain detailed records of all her experiments and names and descriptions of the subjects. All remains were completely destroyed using various acidic compounds easily obtainable from the chemical tanks above. There is also a genetic map, DNA analysis, etc. of them. They can be matched with missing persons more than likely.