Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Mall Crazy

Vanguard Mission Log:

The base nears completion. The base computer is still in Beta testing phase and is not ready for full time duty just yet. Dammit, of course the pure mahogany conference table with the 14 karat gold inlay is on backorder. It will be nice to have a real conference table for a change, not that the Prof's house isn't cozy...

I spent some time going out on the talk show circuit. Did all the locals, (Good Morning L.A., City File, and This Week), hoping to get a national spot on NPR, maybe Diane Rehm? I'm really trying to get across that this insurance issue is really about privacy. On the other hand, I can't appear to be putting paranormal's concerns above the general public. Damn, this is a dangerous political road to follow.

I called a meeting at the new base in order to figure out the "group's" next move. There was a lot of interest in the vampire woman who knows all about us. I assured everyone that I am very concerned about it as well. We just don't have any leads right now. I convinced everyone (some still grumbling) to help me check out the Terminal. It's not as urgent a problem, but at least we know where the target is. We started making plans when the Prof noticed some commotion at the New Urbana Galleria, a fancy new shopping mall. We headed down there.

We arrived at the mall to find...Nothing. Nothing seemed to be happening. We split up and pretty soon we run into a certified 24k looney: Foxbat. Sure, all criminal "masterminds" are messed up, but this guy needed help, he was trying to steal a big fake diamond! He had a "centipede mobile and a cast of wierdos:

Agent X, Agent 1, and Agent Orange. No I'm not making this up.
Exoskeleton Man.
harmonious Fist
and some chick called Charlie.

We started in on trying to reel these guys in when G.R.A.B shows up! (Cheshire Cat, Black Diamond, Bluejay, and Hummingbird.) These guys are thieves, but at least they seem to try and not hurt anyone while they are doing it.

Now it's total chaos. You can't tell the players without a program. I get a chance to talk to Hummingbird, and I find out that they thought the diamond was real too. Something strange is going on.

Well, we manage to capture some of the wierdos and G.R.A.B bugs out. I didn't know where Mason and Tripleforte were during the fight. Turns out, Mason found a bunch of wireless camera around the mall. 'Forte turns up naked in a store, I'm still not sure about that one.

I took the cameras back to the base to examine in our new electronics lab. I have to admit I'm a little rusty in the lab these days, I guess that happens when you turn into an executive. I was able to determine that my company makes these cameras. Well, nice to see our stuff stands up to rough field conditions. I'll try to find a way to trace the cameras, but I suspect it'll just lead to some kind of internet connection, as the cameras have a fairly short range.

Who is recording us, and why?

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