Sunday, June 05, 2005

Do that Voodoo

Vanguard Mission Log: (from June 23rd 2005)

We had just dispatched the Mongles when two weird looking folks came up to us. They said they represented the Ogouns and that their leader wanted to see us. After a little talking, we discovered that the leader, "Ignatious," is under the impression that we would like to join him. So we decided to go with them.

I'm asking myself: why did I agree to go with them? It's surely a dangerous situation. I guess I just wanted to get to the bottom of things. Also, the invitation was just so strange. They just came up to us an invited us, because they think we want to join? I had to know what was going on.

We are lead to a walled compound in Downtown L.A. Inside is a scene right out of The Serpent and the Rainbow. (well if you add automatic weapons) There's a bunch of naked degenerates dancing in a drug haze around fire. This ignatious dude is voodoo priest right out of a Hollywood movie. There's also some crazy Merc with a autocannon. Ignatious has your expected femme fatal at his side, all decked out in pointy things ready to be thrown at yours truly. It quickly becomes evident that this Ignatious and his minions are completely nuts. He offers us a spot in his group, which of course I decline.

At this point I had a choice. Start a fight or just get out of there. I started the fight. Sure we were outnumbered, but I felt like they were unorganized, and frankly, second class "bad guys." Still wondering if power is going to my head. This certainly wasn't the best tactical move in the world.

The fight was on. Hooligan delivered his usual brand of mayhem in his extreme style. I got rid of the autocannon guy for a bit, I didn't want to deal with that until we got some of the odds down. As usual, the ace in the hole is The Flea. It just seems that most of these guys can't deal with the unusual combination of powers he possesses. They can't usually hit him, and he hit's real hard. I sparred with Ignatious and the knife chick. We did well, but we fought more like three individuals instead of a team. Fortunately, so did the enemy. We need develop a better feel for each other in combat. Well we had the most trouble with this Cyborg or robot that they brought out. After winning the fight, The Flea captured a girl who was trying to escape. She turns out to be a computer specialist who was trying to get away from the Ogouns. Her name is Laura, her online handle is Wytoka. We agree to let her go if she gives us all the information we need to put away the Ogouns. She agreed. After examining the evidence, it appears that Ignatious was not behind the burnings, although he was crazy enough to think he was. After all that, a red herring. But at least the Ogouns won't be bothering anyone for a while.


Delphino said...


Two street gangs down and you still don't know who is behind the burning deaths. At least its safer for me to drive my red-neck/racist ass around the city on my route... thanks. *sarcasm off*

Locnar said...

Well, I could comment on your adventures if anyone was posting them.

*sticks out tounge*