Sunday, June 05, 2005

Odds and ends

I have to say that Thursday night was one of those perfect sessions for me as a gamemaster that makes it worth while. So much got done, questions were answered, plots advanced. And there was a really great scene, with the Hooligan suspended in the air with a cyborg's hand wrapped around his throat, flailing wildly as Vanguard stood off to the side shouting encouragement..."You've got him now, Hooligan! He's right where you want him!" "Achhhhelllp meeee *choking sounds*" And a recurring enemy was made...I know I have done my job right when Matt says "I HATE that guy". And then the session ended on a cliffhanger. Awesome.

Let's see. Game log reminder again, after this week we should be rejoining the whole group. Things have gone very well, I almost hate to join you guys again! It's been very good for character development I think, because everyone gets a bit more screen time in the smaller groups and I can concentrate more on individual interests.

I still want to do the History thing, so next weekend, Saturday (or Sunday if people would rather) I will hold a barbeque at my parent's chateau to which you are all invited as long as you bring some paper, pencils, some meat to grill and some beer to share. I will provide side dishes, soda, dessert, stuff like that. Say around 3pm? Please let me know.

Finally, the Thursday group is on Monday again this week, unless Nigel says he can't.



Locnar said...

Nigel says that he can on Monday. So I guess it's a go. I can't do Sat. next week, but I could do Sun.


Delphino said...

I can also do Sunday next week. Saturday I out.

Barilas said...

Well, I was about to say that I couldn't make it Sat but could Sun.

I'm not sure why I'm bothering now, except to make sure it's a tidal wave of momentum.